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Chapter 1

• Rusty-James is sitting on the beach when he runs into Steve Hays, an old friend from back home. It has been five or six years since Rusty-James has seen Steve, who is going to college now to become a teacher.

• It takes a while for Rusty-James to recognize Steve. Rusty-James says his memory is messed up.

• He has been bumming around on the beach with his friend Alex since he got out of the reformatory in which he spent five years.

• When Steve asks Rusty-James if he knows who Rusty-James reminds him of, Rusty-James remembers everything. He thinks he could have been happy to see Steve if he had not made him remember everything.

Chapter 2

• It is six years earlier, and Rusty-James is fourteen. He is playing pool at Benny's, the hangout for junior high kids, when Midget, a tall, skinny kid runs in to tell him...

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