Rules of Prey Character Descriptions

John Sandford
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Louis Vullion

This character is a psychotic killer.

Lucas Davenport

This is a cop who is under surveillance by Internal Affairs.

Jimmy Smithe

This is a welfare worker for the county.

Jennifer Carey

This is a local news reporter romantically involved with Lucas.

Annie McGowan

Annie McGowan is a television reporter who reports on the information Lucas gave her about Smithe.

Carla Ruiz

This is the female artist in the Twin Cities who would have been Maddog's fifth killing.

Elle Kruger

This character is also known as Sister Mary Joseph.

Ranch Girl

The was the first victim of Maddog.

Jeannie Lewis

This is a Twin Cities area real estate agent.

Heather Brown

This is a young hooker who attracts Vullion's attention.

Cheryl Wheatcroft

This is a crippled law student.

Harmon Anderson

This is the assistant to Lyle Wullfolk, the head of homicide.

Dallas Hooker

This was the second...

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