Rudyard Kipling's Verse Fun Activities

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Students should write an obituary for Rudyard Kipling. The obituary should consist of about 500 words and summarize his family life, education, career and accomplishments.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle that has both across and down answers. Students should limit the hint to four to six words and create a key or answers to the crossword puzzle. Students should then exchange their crossword puzzle with another student and grade their responses with the crossword puzzle key.

Promotional Kit

Create a promotional kit to market Rudyard's collection of poetry, including a new cover, inside cover, and information on the author by using clip art, stock photos, drawing or other items. Students should share their promotional kits with the class.

Response to Criticism

Review criticism on Kipling's writing and write a letter of response to the critic, either agreeing or refuting their conclusions. Students should share their letters with...

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