Rudyard Kipling's Verse Character Descriptions

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Ahasuerus Jenkins

This person worked as Army leader and even though horsemanship skills were not a forte, this person has a beautiful singing voice.


This person was a blind beggar who gets attacked by the bear and tells the story to others who go fight the bear with rifles.

Lord Dufferin

This person was an old viceroy and has worked in his position for twenty years, and has seen things that give him nightmares.


This person was a jester in King Henry's Court and was feared by the Normal Lords and flattered by churchmen; the character is believed to suffer from distress because of wealth, wit, power and fame.


This person upon death was sent back to earth to either sin baldly enough to enter hell or to garner a reason to allow entrance to heaven.


This person at first appears to be a...

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