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Prelude through Certain Maxims of Hafiz

• The book "The Complete Verse of Rudyard Kipling" includes all of the poetry written by Rudyard Kipling on different themes and people.

• The verses may stand alone or can be considered as part of a larger work.

• In "Prelude," Kipling introduces poems on daily life in an effort to amuse the reader, but there is a lesson to be learned.

• "A General Summary" explains some thing have not changed, such as the way men treat each other, which is evidenced in modern behavior and prehistoric behavior.

• "Delilah" discusses a journalist who convinces a lady of telling a secret about a financial report, which he then prints and Delilah realized she was tricked.
• In "The Story of Uriah," Jack is sent to Quetta because the commander wants to have a relationship with Jack's wife and it is suggested that Barrett might seek revenge...

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