Royal Holiday Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Jasmine Guillory
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1. What signs does Vivian's and Maddie's chauffeur hold at Heathrow Airport to let them know he is there to pick them up?

Ms. M. Forest and Ms. V. Forest.

2. Who is Maddie's friend who regularly works for the new Duchess?


3. Why is Maddie's friend unable to work for the Duchess at Christmas?

She is pregnant and has to go on bed rest.

4. Where does Maddie ask her mother to come with her for Christmas?


5. Who is Maddie's boyfriend?


6. Which family member does Vivian help look after?


7. What is Vivian surprised and amazed by on her and Maddie's flight to England?

They are put in first class and there are many luxuries like champagne, snacks, and a fully reclining seat.

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