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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Angellica reveal in an aside to the audience as Willmore attempts to seduce her?
(a) Willmore's words are moving her.
(b) She intends to rob Willmore.
(c) She is truly in love with Antonio.
(d) She despises Willmore.

2. How does Hellena intend to get into the carnival?
(a) By sneaking into a back gate.
(b) By dressing to look like her sister.
(c) By wearing a disguise.
(d) By paying double the entrance fee.

3. What is a "double entendre"?
(a) A word or phrase that is code for "I love you."
(b) A deadly poison that can't be tasted.
(c) A word or phrase that when spoken, has a clear, simple meaning, but in context is understood as having a sexual meaning as well.
(d) A plot twist that the audience knows will happen, while the characters remain oblivious.

4. What effect does tricking Blunt have on Phillippo?
(a) He becomes aroused, and takes Lucetta to bed.
(b) He becomes aroused, and takes Angellica to bed.
(c) He become greedy and looks for other victims.
(d) He becomes angry and beats Lucetta.

5. Why can't Willmore believe Angellica is being sincere in her offer to be with him without payment?
(a) He has been cheated too many times.
(b) He has heard her lies before.
(c) He loves her too much.
(d) She is a known liar.

6. The Rover was first performed on stage in what year?
(a) 1777.
(b) 1677.
(c) 1772.
(d) 1650.

7. What is the typical role of a woman at the time the play was written?
(a) To travel in singing troupes.
(b) To sell their bodies.
(c) To be seen and not heard.
(d) To run the local government only.

8. Where do Florinda and Belvile make arrangements to meet when they see each other at the carnival?
(a) That night at the garden gate.
(b) The next morning at Belvile's house.
(c) The next morning at the garden gate.
(d) That night at her house.

9. As Pedro leaves the first scene, what does he tell the maid Callis to do?
(a) Lock Hellena in her room.
(b) Lock Florinda in her room.
(c) Take Hellena to the carnival.
(d) Take the night off.

10. Why doesn' t Pedro know who the Englishmen were he fought off with his sword after the attack on Florinda?
(a) They were too drunk.
(b) They were wearing masks.
(c) They have never met.
(d) They ran away too quickly.

11. As they are flirting with each other out on the street, how does Florinda reveal her true identity to Belvile?
(a) Florinda gives Belvile a good kick and then leaves.
(b) Florinda gives Belvile a kiss and then leaves.
(c) Florinda gives Belvile back the ring he gave her.
(d) Florinda gives Belvile a picture of herself and then leaves.

12. What does Hellena make Willmore promise after she catches him coming out of Angellica's house?
(a) Hellena says she will never see him again unless he refuses to see Lucetta.
(b) Hellena says she will never see him again unless he refuses to see Angellica
(c) Hellena says she will never see him again unless he marries her.
(d) Hellena says she will never see him again unless he refuses to pay her brother money.

13. What does Blunt try to take from Angellica's after the Englishmen chase off Antonio and his men?
(a) Angellica's jewels.
(b) The large picture of Angellica.
(c) Angellica's money.
(d) The small picture of Angellica.

14. Why doesn't Willmore wear his mask to the carnival?
(a) He is afraid Angellica won't reconize him.
(b) He is very vain.
(c) He wants his enemies to recognize him.
(d) He is afraid Hellena won't recognize him.

15. What kind of "mask" does Willmore show Angellica in their first meeting?
(a) The mask of the rich soldier.
(b) The mask of the kind brother.
(c) The mask of the poor warrior.
(d) The mask of the truthful cusader.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Frederic flirting with out on the street in front of Angellica's home?

2. Which suitor does Florinda's father hope she will marry?

3. What does Florinda intend to do at the carnival?

4. What state is Willmore in when he sees Florinda waiting for Belvile in the garden?

5. What in particular do Belvile, Willmore, and the others find objectionable about Antonio?

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