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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Willmore offer to join forces and finances with the other merchants of the town?
(a) To start a war.
(b) To go to the carnival.
(c) To destroy Don Antonio.
(d) To afford to be with Angellica.

2. Which of the following is NOT one of the things Willmore tells Florinda before he realizes who she is in the garden?
(a) How attractive she is.
(b) That he is looking for a girl to marry.
(c) That it doesn't matter that he doesn't know her name.
(d) How honest he is.

3. What state is Willmore in when he sees Florinda waiting for Belvile in the garden?
(a) Willmore comes in very drunk.
(b) Willmore comes in very distraught with an urgent message.
(c) Willmore comes in very heartbroken.
(d) Willmore comes in ready to fight Pedro for Florinda.

4. As he agrees to the duel, who does Don Antonio believe that the disguised Pedro really is?
(a) Willmore.
(b) Sancho.
(c) Frederic.
(d) Belvile.

5. What does Blunt try to take from Angellica's after the Englishmen chase off Antonio and his men?
(a) The small picture of Angellica.
(b) Angellica's jewels.
(c) Angellica's money.
(d) The large picture of Angellica.

6. Willmore urges Angellica to be governed by her love not ___________.
(a) Gluttony.
(b) Doubt.
(c) Heart.
(d) Pride.

7. What does Florinda tell Belvile before she leaves the garden?
(a) To leave her alone.
(b) To come to her window.
(c) To give a note to Hellena.
(d) To wait for her signal.

8. Which suitor does Florinda's brother Pedro hope she will marry?
(a) Captain Belvile.
(b) Don Vicentio.
(c) Ned Blunt.
(d) Don Antonio.

9. Where do Florinda and Belvile make arrangements to meet when they see each other at the carnival?
(a) The next morning at the garden gate.
(b) The next morning at Belvile's house.
(c) That night at the garden gate.
(d) That night at her house.

10. What is the typical role of a woman at the time the play was written?
(a) To run the local government only.
(b) To sell their bodies.
(c) To be seen and not heard.
(d) To travel in singing troupes.

11. What thought consoles Blunt after his bad experience with Lucetta?
(a) That he's been through this before.
(b) That he's not the first person this kind of thing has happened to.
(c) That he will get his revenge.
(d) That he's going to be okay.

12. What does Florinda bring with her to the garden?
(a) A key to the gate.
(b) A case of jewelry.
(c) Everything she owns.
(d) A case of clothes.

13. Which of the following is NOT an example of foreshadowing in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) Pedro's comment that Florinda will find true love.
(b) Frederic's comment that he hopes Luceta will teach Blunt a lesson.
(c) Belvile's calling Willmore the rover.
(d) Blunt's comment about being robbed by prostitutes.

14. As Blunt walks away from the carnival to follow Lucetta, what do his friends comment about him?
(a) He has all their money.
(b) He has no money with him.
(c) He was a war hero.
(d) He is a great guy.

15. What is unusual about the three couples at the center of the play?
(a) Two of the couples involve the same man.
(b) They are all circus performers.
(c) They are children.
(d) Two of the couples involve the same woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Lucetta, Sancho, and Phillippo feel safe from Blunt's retribution?

2. Who is Ned Blunt infatuated with?

3. What does Florinda think of falling in love at first sight?

4. According to the playwright, the audience comes to see The Rover for what reason?

5. How do the men of the family treat Hellena and Florinda?

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