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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Pedro leaves the first scene, what does he tell the maid Callis to do?
(a) Take the night off.
(b) Take Hellena to the carnival.
(c) Lock Florinda in her room.
(d) Lock Hellena in her room.

2. As Blunt walks away from the carnival to follow Lucetta, what do his friends comment about him?
(a) He has no money with him.
(b) He is a great guy.
(c) He has all their money.
(d) He was a war hero.

3. What do Belvile and Frederic do as the action escalates in the garden?
(a) They run away.
(b) They attempt to defend Willmore.
(c) They get into a fight with the guards.
(d) They run after Florinda.

4. After he realizes he's been fooled, who besides Lucetta is Blunt angry with?
(a) Sancho.
(b) Frederic.
(c) Belvile.
(d) Himself.

5. What is the important symbol that appears as the characters head to the carnival?
(a) The mask.
(b) The rose.
(c) The secret note.
(d) The rover.

6. What is a "double entendre"?
(a) A word or phrase that is code for "I love you."
(b) A deadly poison that can't be tasted.
(c) A plot twist that the audience knows will happen, while the characters remain oblivious.
(d) A word or phrase that when spoken, has a clear, simple meaning, but in context is understood as having a sexual meaning as well.

7. Why doesn't Willmore wear his mask to the carnival?
(a) He is very vain.
(b) He is afraid Hellena won't recognize him.
(c) He wants his enemies to recognize him.
(d) He is afraid Angellica won't reconize him.

8. In teasing his friend as they go to the carnival, Captain Belvile refers to Willmore as what?
(a) The sailor.
(b) The rover.
(c) The casanova.
(d) The captain.

9. What does Angellica overhear Willmore telling Hellena as she comes onto the scene with her servant?
(a) Willmore professing that he loves only Angellica.
(b) Willmore professing that he loves only Hellena.
(c) Willmore professing that he is not capable of love.
(d) Willmore professing that he loves only Florinda.

10. What thought consoles Blunt after his bad experience with Lucetta?
(a) That he's going to be okay.
(b) That he will get his revenge.
(c) That he's been through this before.
(d) That he's not the first person this kind of thing has happened to.

11. According to the playwright, the audience comes to see The Rover for what reason?
(a) The witty comments they will be able to make after the play.
(b) To see the skimpy costumes.
(c) To be moved by the beautiful acting.
(d) The amazing acrobatics they will see.

12. How does Hellena intend to get into the carnival?
(a) By paying double the entrance fee.
(b) By dressing to look like her sister.
(c) By wearing a disguise.
(d) By sneaking into a back gate.

13. What does Willmore reveal in an aside to the audience in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) He is falling in love with Angellica.
(b) He believes Angellica is manipulating him.
(c) He believes Angellica love Antonio.
(d) He can't stop thinking about Hellena.

14. What does Angellica reveal in an aside to the audience as Willmore attempts to seduce her?
(a) Willmore's words are moving her.
(b) She intends to rob Willmore.
(c) She despises Willmore.
(d) She is truly in love with Antonio.

15. Florinda can't stand which of her possible suitors?
(a) Ned Blunt.
(b) Don Vincentio.
(c) Captain Belvile.
(d) Don Antonio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angellica allows which man to come inside her house without charge, something she rarely does?

2. What does Willmore promise to give Angellica in the second act of The Rover?

3. Why does Willmore offer to join forces and finances with the other merchants of the town?

4. Which of the following is NOT one of the things Willmore tells Florinda before he realizes who she is in the garden?

5. Who is Ned Blunt infatuated with?

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