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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the men of the family treat Hellena and Florinda?
(a) Like commodities to be owned and sold.
(b) Like slaves.
(c) Like spoiled brats.
(d) Like precious princesses.

2. What is the typical role of a woman at the time the play was written?
(a) To sell their bodies.
(b) To be seen and not heard.
(c) To run the local government only.
(d) To travel in singing troupes.

3. What kind of "mask" does Willmore show Angellica in their first meeting?
(a) The mask of the truthful cusader.
(b) The mask of the kind brother.
(c) The mask of the rich soldier.
(d) The mask of the poor warrior.

4. What does Angellica overhear Willmore telling Hellena as she comes onto the scene with her servant?
(a) Willmore professing that he loves only Angellica.
(b) Willmore professing that he loves only Florinda.
(c) Willmore professing that he is not capable of love.
(d) Willmore professing that he loves only Hellena.

5. What does Blunt dread the most about his unfortunate incident with Lucetta and her accomplices?
(a) He dreads his friends finding out.
(b) He dreads losing Lucetta.
(c) He dreads being hungry and poor.
(d) He dreads having no money.

6. What was unusual about the author of this play?
(a) The author was a 90 year old man.
(b) The author was a woman.
(c) The author was only 11 years old.
(d) The author grew orchids as a hobby.

7. Which suitor does Florinda's brother Pedro hope she will marry?
(a) Don Antonio.
(b) Don Vicentio.
(c) Captain Belvile.
(d) Ned Blunt.

8. Why does Behn choose to have a male playwright to speak in the Prologue?
(a) To make a point about the role of woman in society.
(b) Behn is poking fun at woman.
(c) Behn is a man.
(d) To make a point about the costumes of male characters.

9. Who is Angellica's servant?
(a) Moretta.
(b) Frederic.
(c) Phillipo.
(d) Sancho.

10. At the beginning of Act 2, Scene 1, how does Belvile know that it is not possible for Willmore to approach Angellica yet?
(a) There is a red flag hanging on her door.
(b) The painting advertising her availability hasn't yet been hung outside.
(c) The open sign hasn't yet been hung outside.
(d) The gate is closed.

11. Willmore urges Angellica to be governed by her love not ___________.
(a) Doubt.
(b) Gluttony.
(c) Pride.
(d) Heart.

12. Which of the following is NOT one of the things Willmore tells Florinda before he realizes who she is in the garden?
(a) How attractive she is.
(b) How honest he is.
(c) That he is looking for a girl to marry.
(d) That it doesn't matter that he doesn't know her name.

13. Why does Florinda run off after being rescued from Willmore?
(a) Florinda goes to get help.
(b) Florinda sees Pedro coming.
(c) Florinda sees Hellena coming.
(d) Florinda is frightened.

14. What does Florinda think of falling in love at first sight?
(a) It is romantic and sexy.
(b) It is foolish and impulsive.
(c) It is dangerous.
(d) It is how she fell in love.

15. What does Florinda intend to do at the carnival?
(a) Kiss her future husband.
(b) Dance all night.
(c) Give a note to Captain Belvile.
(d) Run away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Willmore reveal in an aside to the audience in Act 2, Scene 2?

2. Who is Frederic flirting with out on the street in front of Angellica's home?

3. Why does Angellica think Willmore is dishonorable?

4. As he agrees to the duel, who does Don Antonio believe that the disguised Pedro really is?

5. What do Lucetta, Sancho, and Phillippo do with Blunt's belongings?

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