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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Angellica give to Willmore after Antonio and his men depart her house?
(a) A special ring.
(b) The small picture of herself.
(c) A lock of her hair.
(d) The large picture of herself.

2. Florinda is in love with which of the following characters?
(a) Ned Blunt.
(b) Don Vencentio.
(c) Captain Belvile.
(d) Don Antonio.

3. Where does Blunt end up after he leaves Lucetta's house?
(a) Naked, roaming the streets lost.
(b) Naked in the sewer.
(c) Naked in the ocean.
(d) Naked in the woods.

4. What kind of "mask" does Willmore show Angellica in their first meeting?
(a) The mask of the truthful cusader.
(b) The mask of the kind brother.
(c) The mask of the rich soldier.
(d) The mask of the poor warrior.

5. Why isn't Phillippo jealous of Lucetta flirting with Blunt?
(a) Phillippo knows he will kill Blunt anyway.
(b) Although Blunt has money, he is very ugly.
(c) Phillippo doesn't care about Lucetta.
(d) Although Blunt has money, he is a complete fool.

6. What does Florinda do to test Belvile's love for her as they are standing around with Frederica and Valeria?
(a) While still in disguise, she offers him a ring as a token of her affection.
(b) She gives him a complicated quiz.
(c) She removes her disguise and offers him a ring as a token of her affection.
(d) While still in disguise, she offers him a lock of her hair as a token of her affection.

7. What thought consoles Blunt after his bad experience with Lucetta?
(a) That he's not the first person this kind of thing has happened to.
(b) That he's been through this before.
(c) That he will get his revenge.
(d) That he's going to be okay.

8. What does Blunt try to take from Angellica's after the Englishmen chase off Antonio and his men?
(a) Angellica's money.
(b) The large picture of Angellica.
(c) The small picture of Angellica.
(d) Angellica's jewels.

9. Where do Florinda and Belvile make arrangements to meet when they see each other at the carnival?
(a) The next morning at Belvile's house.
(b) That night at the garden gate.
(c) The next morning at the garden gate.
(d) That night at her house.

10. What does Blunt tell Lucetta as he prepares to get into bed with her?
(a) If Lucetta young handsome husband were dead, he would marry her.
(b) If Lucetta would consent, he would like to marry her.
(c) If Lucetta's rich old husband were dead, he would marry her.
(d) If Lucetta wouldn't mind, he likes the candle lit.

11. What is the general attitude of men toward women in the scene at the beginning of the carnival?
(a) Women are lovely creatures to be worshipped.
(b) Women are sexual objects to be own or traded around.
(c) Woman are to be taken care of and loved.
(d) Women are meant to be wives and mothers.

12. Why does Willmore offer to join forces and finances with the other merchants of the town?
(a) To afford to be with Angellica.
(b) To start a war.
(c) To destroy Don Antonio.
(d) To go to the carnival.

13. Willmore is willing to pay any price to be with Angellica because she is_______.
(a) "divinely powerful."
(b) "truly lovely."
(c) "dangerously beautiful."
(d) "utterly alluring."

14. Why doesn't Willmore wear his mask to the carnival?
(a) He is afraid Angellica won't reconize him.
(b) He wants his enemies to recognize him.
(c) He is very vain.
(d) He is afraid Hellena won't recognize him.

15. What is the typical role of a woman at the time the play was written?
(a) To travel in singing troupes.
(b) To sell their bodies.
(c) To be seen and not heard.
(d) To run the local government only.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moretta think of Willmore as he tries to seduce Angellica?

2. What does Angellica overhear Willmore telling Hellena as she comes onto the scene with her servant?

3. What does Hellena intend to find at the carnival?

4. What does Florinda think of falling in love at first sight?

5. Many of the characters behave according to what standard?

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