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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Willmore wear his mask to the carnival?
(a) He is afraid Hellena won't recognize him.
(b) He wants his enemies to recognize him.
(c) He is afraid Angellica won't reconize him.
(d) He is very vain.

2. Many of the characters behave according to what standard?
(a) The rules of the church.
(b) The rules of the land.
(c) What they want to believe instead of what is actually in front of them.
(d) The king's commands.

3. What does Blunt try to take from Angellica's after the Englishmen chase off Antonio and his men?
(a) The large picture of Angellica.
(b) Angellica's money.
(c) The small picture of Angellica.
(d) Angellica's jewels.

4. How do the men of the family treat Hellena and Florinda?
(a) Like spoiled brats.
(b) Like precious princesses.
(c) Like commodities to be owned and sold.
(d) Like slaves.

5. Florinda can't stand which of her possible suitors?
(a) Captain Belvile.
(b) Ned Blunt.
(c) Don Antonio.
(d) Don Vincentio.

6. What does Angellica reveal in an aside to the audience as Willmore attempts to seduce her?
(a) She is truly in love with Antonio.
(b) She intends to rob Willmore.
(c) She despises Willmore.
(d) Willmore's words are moving her.

7. What is the important symbol that appears as the characters head to the carnival?
(a) The secret note.
(b) The rose.
(c) The rover.
(d) The mask.

8. According to Blunt, what kind of things could Lucetta teach the prostitutes of England?
(a) A love song about France.
(b) A lesson in love.
(c) A song about Italy.
(d) A lesson in generosity .

9. Who is Ned Blunt infatuated with?
(a) Florinda.
(b) Valeria.
(c) Lucetta.
(d) Angellica.

10. What does Frederic tell Willmore is very dangerous as he goes into Angellica's house for the first time?
(a) To be with an angry courtesan.
(b) To anger Antonio.
(c) To anger Blunt.
(d) To pay a courtesan money.

11. What thought consoles Blunt after his bad experience with Lucetta?
(a) That he's been through this before.
(b) That he's not the first person this kind of thing has happened to.
(c) That he will get his revenge.
(d) That he's going to be okay.

12. Which of the following is NOT an example of foreshadowing in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) Blunt's comment about being robbed by prostitutes.
(b) Pedro's comment that Florinda will find true love.
(c) Frederic's comment that he hopes Luceta will teach Blunt a lesson.
(d) Belvile's calling Willmore the rover.

13. What kind of "mask" does Willmore show Angellica in their first meeting?
(a) The mask of the kind brother.
(b) The mask of the poor warrior.
(c) The mask of the truthful cusader.
(d) The mask of the rich soldier.

14. What does Angellica overhear Willmore telling Hellena as she comes onto the scene with her servant?
(a) Willmore professing that he loves only Angellica.
(b) Willmore professing that he loves only Florinda.
(c) Willmore professing that he is not capable of love.
(d) Willmore professing that he loves only Hellena.

15. According to the playwright, the audience comes to see The Rover for what reason?
(a) To be moved by the beautiful acting.
(b) The witty comments they will be able to make after the play.
(c) The amazing acrobatics they will see.
(d) To see the skimpy costumes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does tricking Blunt have on Phillippo?

2. Who is Frederic flirting with out on the street in front of Angellica's home?

3. What do Lucetta, Sancho, and Phillippo do with Blunt's belongings?

4. What is unusual about the three couples at the center of the play?

5. What comment does Pedro make as his servant tells him that Florinda is safe after the attack in the garden?

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