The Rover Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is it significant that The Rover was written by a woman?

This was very unusual for this period. In the 1600s, women rarely even knew how to read and write. Women were expected to stay home and not have strong opinions.

2. What reasons does the playwright give for people attending the play?

The audience comes not so much to see the play, but so they can make their own witty comments after the play. They come so that they can be seen and see who else is attending the play.

3. The Rover is considered to be what type of play?

The Rover is a Restoration Comedy.

4. What is meant by the idea that the audience sees what they want to see?

The play is written by a woman, but is introduced my a male playwright. Even though the audience may know that Aphra Behn is a woman, they prefer to think of the playwright as a man.

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