The Rover Character Descriptions

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Don Antonio - This character is wounded by an Englishman in a brawl.

Colonel Belvile - This character protected other characters from an attack during the siege of Pamplona.

Angellica Bianca - This character is a famous courtesan who at the time of the play's events has just lost an important benefactor.

Ned Blunt - The favorite oath of this character is "adsheartlikins" showing the character to be a country bumpkin.

Callis - This character is governess to two sisters.

Florinda - This character is pure and innocent. Many other characters have their own plans for this particular character.

Frederick - This character saves an innocent woman from being raped by other Englishmen.

Hellena - This character is searching for "a saint of his/her own to pray to" in order to experience the "sighs" and "wishes" of being in love.

Lucetta - This character is...

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