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Act 1, Prologue

• This Restoration Comedy written by a woman challenges gender roles and societal stereotypes.

• It follows three couples as they try to live the way they want instead of what society wants.

• The language of the play shows the contrast between what the characters think and believe versus their actions.

Act 1, Scene 1

• This first scene starts with sisters Hellena and Florinda arguing about their futures. Hellena is destined to be a nun, despite her romantic notions about finding a lover. Florinda has three men who would like to marry her, although she is only in love with one of them.

• The men see the women characters as commodities, while the women seem to view themselves as independent individuals with choices about the future.

• The sisters decide to wear costumes and go to the carnival.

Act 1, Scene 2

• The three Englishmen, Frederic, Ned Blunt and Captain Belvile discuss Belvile's...

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