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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the doctor say Assunta should inject Serafina with the morphine?
(a) When she hits out.
(b) If she talks about her husband.
(c) When she becomes hysterical.
(d) When she tries to get up.

2. What two cities is the play's setting located between?
(a) New York and New Jersey.
(b) Los Angeles and San Francisco.
(c) New Orleans and Mobile.
(d) Houston and Dallas.

3. What do the women beat Estelle with?
(a) Her roses.
(b) A shoe.
(c) A whip.
(d) A baseball bat.

4. Who does Serafina not want the women to behave improper in front of?
(a) The dog.
(b) Rosa.
(c) Herself.
(d) Her dead husband.

5. Where did Rose meet Jack?
(a) A high school dance.
(b) On holiday.
(c) A bar.
(d) The graduation dance.

6. What is the name of Serafina's daughter?
(a) Rosa.
(b) Jill.
(c) Hana.
(d) Rebecca.

7. What is Rosario's mark?
(a) A rose heart.
(b) A rose petal.
(c) A bluebell tattoo.
(d) A rose tattoo.

8. What can the audience hear inside the house?
(a) Shouting.
(b) Music.
(c) A sewing machine.
(d) A generator.

9. Who is Father de Leo talking to at the beginning of the scene?
(a) A nurse.
(b) Serafina.
(c) A doctor.
(d) Assunta.

10. What does Serafina say she has lost?
(a) Her daughter's gift.
(b) Her virginity.
(c) Her daughter's love.
(d) Her husband's love.

11. What does Serafina say is now her only concern?
(a) Her husband's ashes.
(b) The graduation dresses.
(c) Her own happiness.
(d) The happiness of her daughter.

12. Who does Serafina blame for her recent trouble with her daughter?
(a) Herself.
(b) Her dead husband.
(c) The school.
(d) The local boys.

13. How does Serafina think her daughter has hurt herself?
(a) Slit her throat.
(b) Sliced her eye.
(c) Stabbed her knee.
(d) Slit her wrists.

14. What does Estelle want made?
(a) Trousers.
(b) A dress.
(c) Shoes.
(d) A shirt.

15. What is Miss Yorke's job?
(a) A housewife.
(b) A teacher.
(c) A secretary.
(d) A dressmaker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Serafina wearing?

2. What is Estelle's surname?

3. What does the sign in the window say?

4. What does Flora say she and Bessie will do if Serafina does not give them the blouse?

5. What ethnic group is the area mostly populated with?

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