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Objective: The play examines Sicilian life. Although they live in the South, the Sicilians still hold on to their traditions. The aim of this life is to examine Sicilian life.

1. With the students brainstorm questions that will help them understand Sicilian life better. Ask the students to find the answers to the questions.

2. Ask the students to research and adapt the opening scene to a Sicilian rather than American setting.

3. Ask the students to research and write a menu of Sicilian food.

4. Homework. List everything you know about Sicilian culture.


Objective: Most of the character's families emigrated from Sicily near Italy. The aim of this lesson is to examine Sicilian emigrants.

1. Ask the students to research and write a history timeline for Sicilian emigrants. When did they start arriving in America? Why did they come to America? What have they achieved in America?

2. Ask the students...

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