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Act 1, Scene 1

• The play takes place in and around an old cottage. Outside the cottage are palm trees and pampas grass and inside the interior is decorated in rose. Inside one window a sign reads sewing.

• Serafina Delle Rose sits in her house, waiting for her husband, Rosario, to return from work.

• Serafina's daughter, Rosa, enters the house. William's describes her as young, but with intensity beyond her years.

• An herbalist called Assunta enters the house. She tells Serafina she has some powder that will increase her husband's potency. Serafina proudly tells Assunta that her husband does require anything extra.

• Serafina tells Assunta how she came to know that she had conceived. She says she felt a burning sensation in her chest and for a few moments saw her husband's rose tattoo appear.

• The two women talk about Rosario. Serafina says he delivers something else along with bananas...

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