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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the RN Cross talks to about Jannie's condition at the hospital?

2. What subject does Mrs. Casselman teach at Dumbarton Oaks High School?

3. What city's police department's importance is being disputed by the FBI agents regarding the third robbery?

4. How does the Citibank robber feel about committing the robbery?

5. What is probably wrong with Jannie after Damon punches her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Cross feels about Christine. Why does Christine act distantly toward Cross?

2. Where does Jannie think she is when she wakes up from surgery? What has Cross done to show camaraderie for her after her surgery?

3. Why does Brianne feel confident and in control of the situation at Citibank?

4. What is interesting about the criminal records of the members of the crew the Mastermind hires to rob First Union Bank for him?

5. What is the No. 1 recommendation of the American Society for Industrial Safety in the event of a robbery? How does the author bring this fact up?

6. In the first chapter, is it clear as to whether or not Brianne Parker is serious about harming the bank teller if she doesn't do what she says? How does the author show Brianne's attitude about being a female bank robber?

7. How many people are initially thought to have been killed in the Citibank robbery? How many were really killed by Errol Parker?

8. Where does Joseph Petrillo live? What is the neighborhood like? What happens when Cross and Cavalierre reach his house?

9. Why is Mr. Blue mad at the Chase Manhattan bank manager's wife, Victoria Casselman? What does he do to her?

10. Why is Cross confused when he describes the case to Kyle Craig? How does Craig explain what Cross is confused about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is an old saying, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." Why doesn't the Mastermind commit the robberies himself? How does he ensure that the people he works with will do what he says? How does he feel about his vantage point as the observer?

Essay Topic 2

How do Alex's feelings for Christine evolve throughout the novel? How do those feelings affect how he feels about Betsey?

Essay Topic 3

Alex and other police officers use street informants to inform on other criminals. What are the dangers in using street informants, who are often criminals themselves, to solve crimes? Name two of the informants in the book and their characteristics. What information are they able to give the police about the Mastermind?

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