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Short Answer Questions

1. Does the Citibank robbery end on time?

2. Where are the robbers hiding out when the Mastermind comes to see them?

3. What time of day is it when Cross locates Jannie at the hospital?

4. Who plans the Citibank robbery with the robber?

5. What kind of party is Cross having?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Cross and Sampson are running after Montgomery, Cross keeps saying that he is a fast runner in his mind. Is he serious? Why does he say that?

2. From whom do the banks in the book generally receive hate mail? What does Cross do to investigate hate mail related to the robberies?

3. In the first chapter, is it clear as to whether or not Brianne Parker is serious about harming the bank teller if she doesn't do what she says? How does the author show Brianne's attitude about being a female bank robber?

4. Why is Cross confused when he describes the case to Kyle Craig? How does Craig explain what Cross is confused about?

5. Describe how Cross feels about Christine. Why does Christine act distantly toward Cross?

6. Why does Brianne feel confident and in control of the situation at Citibank?

7. Are the Mastermind's motives easy to distinguish? What does he do that is different from most professional robbers?

8. What does Cross hope doesn't happen to Jannie in the ambulance? What happens as the doctors finish examining her at the hospital?

9. The author quotes an old saying, "Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm." What does he mean by that?

10. How does Christine react to hearing the news of the murdered mother in a London supermarket? Why is her suspicion about who committed the crime particularly odd?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Christine has survived a horrible ordeal at the hands of Geoffrey Shafer, the Weasel. How are her actions toward Cross a result of her experience with the Weasel? What is causing her to relive some of the horror he put her through?

Essay Topic 2

What is the Mastermind's general attitude toward women? Describe his interactions with the women in the book. How do his interactions support this attitude?

Essay Topic 3

In general, the bank employees comply with the robbers' demands during the robbery. Why do they do that? Do their actions affect the outcome of the robberies? Why or why not? Cite specific examples.

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