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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Brianne and Errol die?
(a) They are poisoned with arsenic.
(b) They are poisoned with Anectine.
(c) They are shot execution-style.
(d) Their throats are slit.

2. How does the Citibank robber feel about committing the robbery?
(a) Powerful because she gets to order people around.
(b) Up against the wall, like she has to do it or else.
(c) Frustrated because she can't find another job .
(d) Sad because she can never become a cop after this.

3. What happened to Christine about a year before?
(a) She was wrongfully imprisoned on embezzlement charges.
(b) She was attacked and raped in an alley.
(c) She was kidnapped and held prisoner for a year.
(d) She was brutally beaten in by gang members.

4. How is the Parkers' hideout furnished?
(a) With a stained mattress and rusty lawn chair.
(b) With a futon and a miniature refrigerator.
(c) With brand-new furnishings they bought with the robbery money.
(d) Like a hospital room.

5. What is Christine's relationship to Lucy Rhys-Cousins?
(a) They both dated Cross.
(b) They are both victims of the Weasel.
(c) Lucy used to be married to Errol Parker.
(d) Lucy is Christine's sister.

6. Why does Cross take his kids into the basement?
(a) He has to tell them something serious.
(b) For their weekly boxing lesson.
(c) They need to clean up before Nana comes down.
(d) Because the tornado siren go off.

7. How does Cross find the hostages in the third robbery?
(a) Gagged with black tape.
(b) Shot dead.
(c) Gone from the premises.
(d) Poisoned like the Parkers.

8. Who tips off the police that a robbery is in progress at First Union?
(a) One of the robbers.
(b) A First Union employee who has just left for lunch.
(c) The Mastermind himself.
(d) Alex Cross, having gotten information from an informant.

9. Which movie does Darryl refer to at the end of Chapter 12?
(a) "Kill Bill."
(b) "Jaws."
(c) "The Blair Witch Project."
(d) "The Shining."

10. Is Christine happy about Cross' line of work?
(a) No, she thinks he should make more money.
(b) Yes, she is very proud of his accomplishments.
(c) No, she thinks it's dangerous.
(d) Yes, she loves the intrigue.

11. Who is Dr. Petito?
(a) A nickname for Alex's dog.
(b) Jannie's neurologist.
(c) A suspect in the robberies.
(d) The doctor who lives next door to the Cross family.

12. Where does the second robbery occur?
(a) Arlington.
(b) Chevy Chase.
(c) Georgetown.
(d) Falls Church.

13. Where is Mr. Grandstaff?
(a) Working as an underground informant.
(b) Dead.
(c) In an undisclosed federal penitentiary.
(d) Awaiting extradition in Canada.

14. Who is being held hostage somewhere else during the Citibank robbery?
(a) The bank manager's mother and sister.
(b) Betsy, Brianne and a neighbor.
(c) Steve, Tommy and Anna.
(d) Angela, Sean and Jeanne Galetta.

15. Where are the robbers hiding out when the Mastermind comes to see them?
(a) A shed on his land.
(b) A farmhouse.
(c) An abandoned apartment building.
(d) An abandoned hunting lodge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does the Citibank robbery end on time?

2. What music group is Jannie listening to on headphones?

3. What does Jannie eat in the hospital?

4. In what city does the Citbank robbery take place?

5. Who dies in the Chase Manhattan Bank robbery?

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