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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shows up at the end of the party?
(a) Kyle Craig from the FBI.
(b) John Calhoun from the Department of Homeland Security.
(c) Cross' ex-wife.
(d) A neighbor, who comes running in with news.

2. Who is being held hostage somewhere else during the Citibank robbery?
(a) The bank manager's mother and sister.
(b) Steve, Tommy and Anna.
(c) Betsy, Brianne and a neighbor.
(d) Angela, Sean and Jeanne Galetta.

3. Who is the RN Cross talks to about Jannie's condition at the hospital?
(a) Nina Childs.
(b) Anne Reynolds.
(c) Nina Cervantes.
(d) Julietta Newton.

4. What is the general appearance of the bank robber?
(a) Very athletic with extremely long hair.
(b) Baby-faced and generally nondescript.
(c) Tall and striking.
(d) An older, motherly woman with glasses.

5. What is Jannie doing when Cross finally arrives at the hospital after studying the crime scene of the third robbery?
(a) Eating pizza.
(b) Walking around the hospital with her IV bag.
(c) Getting an MRI.
(d) Getting her head shaved for surgery.

6. What does Jannie say when Nana asks if she is OK?
(a) "Yes, I'm fine."
(b) "It's daddy's fault for not watching."
(c) "Damon pushed me!"
(d) "No, I'm not, Nana."

7. What was supposed to have happened to the hostages in the Citibank robbery?
(a) They would have been OK if the robbery had ended on time.
(b) They were supposed to die.
(c) They were supposed to be taken to a secret location.
(d) The were supposed to be released no matter what.

8. How does the Citibank robber feel about committing the robbery?
(a) Powerful because she gets to order people around.
(b) Sad because she can never become a cop after this.
(c) Frustrated because she can't find another job .
(d) Up against the wall, like she has to do it or else.

9. Where was Christine held captive?
(a) Bahamas.
(b) Long Island.
(c) Newark.
(d) Bermuda.

10. Whom does Cross tell Cavalierre to call when they hear the gun blast at the house they are investigating?
(a) Kyle Craig.
(b) The gang unit.
(c) The CIA.
(d) Metro police.

11. How do Brianne and Errol die?
(a) They are poisoned with Anectine.
(b) They are shot execution-style.
(c) Their throats are slit.
(d) They are poisoned with arsenic.

12. Which composer's music is Cross playing early in the morning?
(a) Ravel.
(b) Rachmaninoff.
(c) Scriabin.
(d) Debussy.

13. What happens when Cross calls Christine in Chapter 7?
(a) She picks up the phone and they talk about their relationship.
(b) She talks to him, then slams the phone down.
(c) She doesn't return his calls.
(d) She thinks they are prank calls and calls the police.

14. In what city does the Citbank robbery take place?
(a) Rosslyn, Virginia.
(b) Chevy Chase, Maryland.
(c) Arlington, Virginia.
(d) Silver Spring, Maryland.

15. Who calls in the middle of the robbery?
(a) The person who organized the robbery.
(b) The bank manager's husband.
(c) The FBI.
(d) The security company.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Christine after her ordeal a year ago?

2. What does VCU stand for?

3. What is different about the third robbery?

4. Where does the fourth robbery, the Chase Manhattan Bank robbery, take place?

5. What does Jannie eat in the hospital?

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