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Washington, D.C.

This place is the hometown of Alex Cross, the main character.

President Clinton mask

This widely distributed object is used in the first robbery at Citibank, and again later in the story when Szabo attacks Alex and when the Mastermind rapes Justine.


This place is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. It is the first site of the Mastermind's robbery spree.

First Union Bank

This place is in Falls Church and is the second place to be robbed by the Mastermind.

Chase Manhattan Bank

This is the third place to be robbed.

Mayflower Hotel

The conference rooms at this place provide the setting for the MetroHartford robbery.

Puzzle Palace

This is the nickname for the FBI building to which Alex and Betsey are summoned.

Hazelwood Veterans Hospital

This place is where Alex and Sampson go undercover and pretend to be employed there to closely watch...

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