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Essay Topic 1

Alex Cross is always weighing the importance of his job against how it interferes with his personal life. What conflicts arise as a result of this? How does he deal with these conflicts?

Essay Topic 2

Since criminals break the law by definition, what codes, if any, do they follow? The Mastermind also seems to enjoy killing the teams of robbers he hires. How does he justify killing the first team? The second team? Is he a hypocrite?

Essay Topic 3

Alex and other police officers use street informants to inform on other criminals. What are the dangers in using street informants, who are often criminals themselves, to solve crimes? Name two of the informants in the book and their characteristics. What information are they able to give the police about the Mastermind?

Essay Topic 4

There are quite a few secondary characters in the book. Name some of...

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