Roses Are Red Character Descriptions

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Alex Cross

This character is a homicide detective struggling to balance a semblance of a personal life with a demanding career.

Betsey Cavalierre

This character is the FBI agent in charge of solving a series of robberies/murders.


The character is the villain who kills all conspirators in order to cover what tracks might be left behind.


This character is the person who raised the main character.


This character is the main character's troubled love interest.


This person has a brain tumor and is the child of the main character.


This character is the child of the main character who helps his sibling cope with the brain tumor.

Alex Junior

This character is the baby of the main character.


These characters are Brianne and Errol Parker, Mr. Red, Mr. White, Mr. Blue and Ms. Green, and the crooked police officers Brian Macdougall...

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