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Prologue: Ashes, Ashes Chapters 1-2

• Brianne Parker walks into Citibank to rob it in a President Clinton mask as it is opening in the morning.

• Brianne forces the bank teller, Jeanne Galetta, to take her to the manager's office.
• Brianne follows the instructions of a man called the Mastermind precisely to the minute in executing the robbery.

• The bank manager, Betsy Buccieri, hesitates opening the vault.

• A phone call comes from Buccieri's husband, who is being held hostage with her son and nanny, forcing her to open the vault.

• Brianne locks the teller and the manager in the vault.

• The robbery runs purposely overtime and the hostages are killed by Brianne's husband, Errol.

Part One: The Robbery Murders, Chapters 3-4

• Alex Cross is having a christening party for his baby, Alex Junior.

• Cross' grandmother, Nana Mama, is fixing food for the party and his other two kids, Jannie...

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