Objects & Places from Rosaura a Las Diez

Marco Denevi
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La Mardrilena

This is the boarding house where most of the action takes place.

Camilo's Studio

This is a space in town where one of the boarding house guests works during the day, restoring paintings and painting portraits.

David's Glasses

These are thick, round, and obscure a character's face.

Golden Tress

This was purchased in a costume shop and was later included in a letter, which gave credibility to the letter.

Perfumed Letters

These begin the charade of the romance between an imaginary character invented by one of the lonely boarding house guests.

Portrait of Rosa

This was created when a boarding house guests paints over an old image.

Dining Room

Most of the important conversations between the characters take place in this part of the boarding house. This is where one of the character's sanity originally ends.

Identity Card

As one of the character's wedding approaches, she...

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