Daily Lessons for Teaching Rosaura a Las Diez

Marco Denevi
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Lesson 1 (from Part I, Chapter 1)


Part I, Chapter 1:

The book begins with the narration of one of the principle protagonists, Mrs. Milagros. As she describes the way that the story unfolds, she gives us great insight into her own way of seeing and doing things by delving into her own thoughts and feelings. In this lesson, students will examine the ways in which this narrator's perspective influences the first chapter of the book.


1) Class discussion: How does Mrs. Milagros' perspective introduce her own thoughts and feelings in the story? As Mrs. Milagros describes what is happening, what clues does she give about herself and the kind of person she is? Also, how does her perspective shape the way we see other characters?

2) Individual work: Analyze the text, and look for ways that we might see the characters in a different light or from a different perspective. She describes Camilo's appearance...

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