Rosaura a Las Diez Fun Activities

Marco Denevi
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Mrs. Milagros begins the text by describing the arrival of a new boarding guest. She mentions other kinds of guests including students and young women. Create a description of how she might react to meeting someone that she has set up in one of these categories. Be sure to include her assessment of how this person looks and what kinds of questions she might ask.

A Different View

The book begins with Mrs. Milagros' description of meeting Camilo. Write a paragraph or two describing Camilo's view of the situation -- How might he have seen Mrs. Milagros? What does she look like to him? How does he feel about her questions?

Buenos Aires

What do the boarding house guests, and their interaction with the world (both neighborhoods and neighborhoods) outside of their house, tell us about the city of Buenos Aires? Describe the picture of Buenos Aires...

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