Rosaura a Las Diez Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Marco Denevi
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Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Milagros' narrative voice sets the tone for the story. How does her particular voice and perspective define the text? What are her beliefs and feelings that most affect how we see her and other characters?

Essay Topic 2

Marco Denevi creates an immediate tension by mentioning an investigation. It is Mrs. Milagros' response to this investigation that opens the book. Describe three details that help build the tension as the story progresses.

Essay Topic 3

The difference between appearances, fantasy, and reality are blurred in several scenes in the text. Describe these moments in the text as well as the repeated imagery that may have to do with the blurring of these boundaries.

Essay Topic 4

Mrs. Milagros opens the book describing the assumptions that she has about another character before really getting to know him. Her assumptions prove wrong on several points. These are shown to be...

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