Rosaura a Las Diez Character Descriptions

Marco Denevi
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Camilo Canegato

This is a middle-aged person who is small in stature, pale, and very plain, and who has lived at the boarding house for twelve years.

Mrs. Milagros

This character has three daughters to support through the boarding house. This person is not always sensible and hardly ever tactful.

Miss Eufrasia Morales

This character is a retired school teacher who has never married, holds everyone in contempt, and immediately suspects depravity or foul play in the conduct of the others.

David Reguel

This character is perhaps the youngest boarder at the boarding house, a law student who can speak five languages and is nearly constantly studying.

Elsa Gatica

This character works as a maid, is lame, and walks with a limp.


This character is one of the boarders and is very vain.


This character is one of the boarders, a jolly person who likes to...

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