Rosaura a Las Diez Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marco Denevi
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Part I, Chapter 1

• The narrator, Mrs. Milagros, is talking to an inspector about a boarder who has lived at her boarding house for what she initially claims were six months, and later corrects to twelve years.

• Mrs. Milagros describes to an inspector how Camilo arrived on her doorstep carrying an enormous suitcase.

• Mrs. Milagros says that Camilo was awkward and painfully shy, which she discovers as she interrogates him to help her decide whether he was worthy to live in her boarding house.

• Mrs. Milagros thinks he might be a law clerk or a solicitor.

• Camilo tells Mrs. Milagros that he is a painter. She is not impressed by this because she doesn't think painting pictures is steady, honest work, but he shows her his bank book, which has a large sum in it, so she accepts him.

• Camilo is a bachelor and claims to have no relations...

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