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Objective: Woolf states her purpose for writing in Chapter 1, but there is also a lot that we can infer about what she chooses to write. The objective of this lesson is to understand the thesis/main theme/purpose of A Room of One's Own and how it is communicated.

1) Discussion: Why is Virginia Woolf writing? Who is her audience? What led her to this thesis? What different interpretations of her "lecture" topic does she offer? How does she intend to address them?

2) Activity: To show that they understand her thesis, have students deliver a short introduction for Virginia Woolf as if she were lecturing at their school, touching on what the theme of her lecture is.

3) Activity: Divide students into small groups to create a dictionary-style definition of Woolf's assigned topic, "women and fiction." They should use Woolf's offered interpretations as inspiration for how they define the...

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