A Room of One's Own Character Descriptions

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Jane Austen - Author of Pride and Prejudice, who grew up in, and wrote about, rural middle-class England.

Beadle - An employee of a British university who ensures that protocols are upheld. In Woolf's story, this character asks her to get off the campus lawn.

Mary Beton - One of the fictional characters in Woolf's story who leaves the narrator an inheritance with which she enjoys freedom to write. This name is also used for other characters in the story, in keeping with Woolf's assertion that readers can call her "by any name you please."

Charlotte Brontë - Author of Jane Eyre who is subject to some criticism from Woolf in Chapter 4.

Mary Carmichael - A fictional author discussed by the narrator as someone who has a weak writing style.

George Eliot - A novelist, alluded to twice in Woolf's story, who wrote under an assumed...

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