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Short Answer Questions

1. Which animal was not taken on the journey as a gift?

2. Where did the messengers sleep?

3. With which country is Charlemagne at war?

4. What is a "fald-stool?"

5. According to Ganelon, Marsile begs Charlemagne to save who?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Ganelon's argument against the condemnation for Roland's death? Does anyone believe the tale and support Ganelon's cause?

2. Which city remains the property of another King? Which King is it?

3. What is Charlemagne's response to the end of the seven year's war with Spain?

4. What is foretold at the end of Stanza XII? Who is supposedly responsible for the upcoming event?

5. What does Marsile want Charlemagne to do? What is Marsile's promise?

6. What does Ganelon tell Blancandrin of Charlemagne's plans?

7. About what does Roland ask Oliver's advice? Why do the men agree or disagree?

8. What was Oliver using to fight long after it was broken? Why did Oliver not use another implement?

9. What is Roland's reaction to Blancandrin's tale and promises?

10. What actions best represent Baligant's troops' eagerness to forge ahead with the battle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Archbishop Turpin takes on an entirely different role at Spanish Pass. What is the Archbishop's primary duty in the royal court and how does it change on the battlefield? What other role does the Archbishop assume? How does Roland react to the change in the clergyman?

Essay Topic 2

The battle between Marsile and Charlemagne is actual and metaphoric. Examine the conflict between the kingdoms, their politics and their difference in religious beliefs. How do the latter affect the way the soldiers fight? How did the preparations (or lack thereof) affect the outcome of the battles?

Essay Topic 3

In order to decide if Ganelon should be executed, there is a battle between Thierry and Pinabel. The battle is also a metaphor for good versus evil, much like the battle fought between Roland and Marsile and Charlemagne and Baligant. Compare and contrast the three battles and their outcomes.

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