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Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Marsile pray?

2. What event will be celebrated with Charlemagne?

3. Ganelon proposes that Marsile send what to Charlemagne?

4. Who is referred to as Charlemagne's henchman?

5. How does Charlemagne know that Ganelon has betrayed him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the final message from the angel to Charlemagne? How does Charlemagne respond?

2. What causes Marsile and Ganelon to argue? What is the result of the argument?

3. Baligant believes that Charlemagne has lost all his power. What causes Baligant to make that statement? How do the others respond to the comment?

4. What does Marsile want Charlemagne to do? What is Marsile's promise?

5. Why does Marsile ask his counselors for help? Who comes up with a plan?

6. What is Charlemagne's reaction when he hears Roland's second call? What does Charlemagne request of his men?

7. What happens after Roland enters the grove of trees? How does Roland react?

8. What does Ganelon tell Blancandrin of Charlemagne's plans?

9. What does Roland do to anger Ganelon? What is Ganelon's response?

10. What does Ganelon propose to Marsile on behalf of Charlemagne?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In several parts of the poem, references are made to the swords belonging to various warriors, including Charlemagne, Roland, Oliver, Turpin, and Marsile. What is the significance of the sword in context with the story? Why did the soldiers give names to their swords? Why did Roland try to destroy his sword just before he died?

Essay Topic 2

When Bromimonde went with Charlemagne, the former Queen struggled. What did Charlemagne say to ensure that he meant no harm? What fate befell Bromimonde in Aix? How did the Queen react? What changes occurred in Bromimonde after the fall of Saragossa?

Essay Topic 3

Charlemagne finally learns of Ganelon's crimes. How does Charlemagne find out? What is the Emperor's reaction toward Ganelon? How is Ganelon's fate finally decided? What is the final punishment for the traitor?

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