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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What adorns Baligant's shield?
(a) Human bones
(b) Crystal
(c) Sapphires
(d) Mud

2. What is Ganelon's defense against his crime?
(a) Trickery
(b) Insanity
(c) Melancholy
(d) Vengeance

3. What body part of Marsile's does Roland amputate?
(a) Hand
(b) Head
(c) Arm
(d) Foot

4. Where is Charlemagne supposed to go?
(a) Saragossa
(b) Bire
(c) Sebre
(d) Anjou

5. Where does Roland go when death is near?
(a) To Oliver's side
(b) Toward the stream
(c) Grove of trees
(d) Galne

Short Answer Questions

1. What might prevent Charlemagne from following the Saracens?

2. Roland is intent on breaking what item?

3. What animal or tool is used to kill Ganelon?

4. What does the Saracen try to steal from Roland?

5. What does Baligant promise to avenge?

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