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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which animal was not taken on the journey as a gift?
(a) Camel
(b) Hawk
(c) Mule
(d) Wolf

2. What is the name of Oliver's sword?
(a) Escababi
(b) Alphaien
(c) Halteclere
(d) Murgles

3. What region remains beyond Charlemagne's grasp?
(a) Siciliy
(b) Milan
(c) Madrid
(d) Saragossa

4. The poem states that Charlemagne cannot save himself from:
(a) Stupidity
(b) Treachery
(c) Mutiny
(d) Robbery

5. Oliver tells Roland that he has been...
(a) Superior
(b) Proud
(c) Foolish
(d) Reckless

Short Answer Questions

1. What material did the people use to create Marsile's throne?

2. What plagues the soldiers on the field?

3. The poem does not address which of the following:

4. What gift does Marsile give to Ganelon?

5. Turpin reminds the troops to keep what item?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens after Roland enters the grove of trees? How does Roland react?

2. How does Blancandrin predict that the plan will work out? What will happen to the city?

3. About what does Roland ask Oliver's advice? Why do the men agree or disagree?

4. What does Marsile want Charlemagne to do? What is Marsile's promise?

5. What is Charlemagne's reaction when the governors and nobles approach him with the idea that Ganelon should be spared? What happens next?

6. How many divisions are there? Where are they placed? What is the purpose of different locations?

7. Roland's opinion of Turpin changes during the battle. What has Roland discovered?

8. What happened when two of Charlemagne's counts went to Marsile to try and take over Saragossa? Which two counts went on the mission?

9. What is Ganelon's argument against the condemnation for Roland's death? Does anyone believe the tale and support Ganelon's cause?

10. Why does Marsile ask his counselors for help? Who comes up with a plan?

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