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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Roland's relationship to Charlemagne?
(a) Stableboy
(b) Nephew
(c) Son
(d) Courtier

2. Where do Charlemagne's people meet?
(a) Stable
(b) Festival
(c) Orchard
(d) Palace

3. How do Charlemagne's people refer to themselves?
(a) Franks
(b) Undeserving
(c) Loyal
(d) Prussian

4. Blancandrin is described as:
(a) Brilliant and deceitful
(b) Wise and gallant
(c) Devious and cruel
(d) Ignorant and unkempt

5. Out of what material is Ganelon's cloak made?
(a) Wool
(b) Sable
(c) Nylon
(d) Deer skin

Short Answer Questions

1. How many hostages will be presented?

2. What did Charlemagne do after hearing about Marsile's willingness to convert?

3. Ganelon says that Charlemagne would rather die than leave his...

4. How is Oliver described?

5. According to Marsile, Charlemagne is how old?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Charlemagne hears the call? How does the Emperor respond to his nephew's call for help?

2. What is Charlemagne's reaction to Ganelon as the plan continues? What does Charlemagne's comment imply?

3. What actions best represent Baligant's troops' eagerness to forge ahead with the battle?

4. Why does Marsile ask his counselors for help? Who comes up with a plan?

5. What happens to Oliver and what is the result of the conflict? How does Roland react?

6. What is the purpose of some of the bodies being prepared for burial? What is the significance of the ornate coffin?

7. According to part one, what is Roland's role in the Song of Roland?

8. What is Charlemagne's reaction when the governors and nobles approach him with the idea that Ganelon should be spared? What happens next?

9. What was Oliver using to fight long after it was broken? Why did Oliver not use another implement?

10. Which of Charlemagne's highest ranking officers is by his side when the king arrives at the battle? How do the men react to the carnage?

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