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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the ruler of the region?
(a) Marseilles
(b) Roland
(c) Marsile
(d) Olivier

2. How does Charlemagne know that Ganelon has betrayed him?
(a) Roland overhead a conversation
(b) He has a dream
(c) Ganelon confessed
(d) The seer told Charlemagne

3. What is Ganelon's plan once he reaches Saragossa?
(a) Begging
(b) Trickery
(c) Bullying
(d) Subservience

4. What is the name of the nephew to Richard the Old?
(a) Ganelon
(b) Henry
(c) Oliver
(d) Charlemagne

5. The poem states that Charlemagne holds no man in...
(a) Anger
(b) Contempt
(c) Terror
(d) Gratitude

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Ganelon's horse?

2. The gift is worth more than what amount of money?

3. Turpin reminds the troops to keep what item?

4. Archbishop Turpin kills which mystical Saracen?

5. Who brought news to Charlemagne?

Short Essay Questions

1. Charlemagne chooses two new generals to be at his side in battle. Who do the generals replace and what do they symbolize?

2. How does Charlemagne react to the news from Blancandrin?

3. What is Charlemagne's reaction when he hears Roland's second call? What does Charlemagne request of his men?

4. What is Marsile's attitude toward Charlemagne? How will the King approach his rival?

5. What is the purpose of some of the bodies being prepared for burial? What is the significance of the ornate coffin?

6. What is Roland's reaction to Blancandrin's tale and promises?

7. What is the relationship between Roland and Ganelon? Between Ganelon and Charlemagne? Between Roland and Charlemagne?

8. What does Marsile want Charlemagne to do? What is Marsile's promise?

9. Which of Charlemagne's highest ranking officers is by his side when the king arrives at the battle? How do the men react to the carnage?

10. Which of Charlemagne's men became enraged and what was Charlemagne's reaction? How was this reaction different than one referred to in an earlier stanza?

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