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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Marsile's brother?
(a) Naimon
(b) Ganelon
(c) Aelroth
(d) Falsaron

2. What will Marsile be offered if he converts to Christianity?
(a) Half of Spain
(b) A place in Charlemagne's royal court
(c) Reprieve from execution
(d) Life in a monastery

3. How does Charlemagne know that Ganelon has betrayed him?
(a) He has a dream
(b) Roland overhead a conversation
(c) The seer told Charlemagne
(d) Ganelon confessed

4. Blancandrin is described as:
(a) Devious and cruel
(b) Brilliant and deceitful
(c) Wise and gallant
(d) Ignorant and unkempt

5. Which animal was tethered with a leash?
(a) Greyhound
(b) Hawk
(c) Bear
(d) Lion

Short Answer Questions

1. What sign of peace will go with Marsile's people?

2. Oliver tells Roland that he has been...

3. With which country is Charlemagne at war?

4. Marsile's nephew asks for how many barons?

5. Ganelon recommends that Marsile send "five score thousand" pagans to defeat the troops left behind. How many is "five score thousand?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Marsile's nephew claim that he needs in order to defeat Roland? What will the result be?

2. How does Blancandrin predict that the plan will work out? What will happen to the city?

3. What is foretold at the end of Stanza XII? Who is supposedly responsible for the upcoming event?

4. What is Charlemagne's response to the end of the seven year's war with Spain?

5. What is Marsile's attitude toward Charlemagne? How will the King approach his rival?

6. Where does Charlemagne find Roland? What is unusual about Roland's body?

7. What is Charlemagne's reaction to Ganelon as the plan continues? What does Charlemagne's comment imply?

8. Why does Marsile ask his counselors for help? Who comes up with a plan?

9. Charlemagne must decide what to do as night is beginning to fall. What is Charlemagne's plan and the result?

10. What is Bromimonde's reaction to being taken to France? How does Charlemagne treat Bromimonde?

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