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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Ganelon refer to as a "courteous paladin?"
(a) Roland
(b) Oliver
(c) Basan
(d) Basilie

2. Which one of the following is not a reason to summon Charlemagne?
(a) Charlemagne can retrieve the dead
(b) Charlemagne will reward the surviving French soldiers
(c) Charlemagne will save the bodies from being eaten by animals
(d) Charlemagne can kill the rest of the Saracens

3. What will Marsile be offered if he converts to Christianity?
(a) Reprieve from execution
(b) Life in a monastery
(c) Half of Spain
(d) A place in Charlemagne's royal court

4. How does Roland repay Grandoine?
(a) Has him sent to the gallows
(b) Pays him in gold
(c) Chases him out of the valley
(d) Cuts off his head

5. What plagues the soldiers on the field?
(a) Snow
(b) Locusts
(c) Unbearable heat
(d) Thunderstorm

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these words does NOT describe Abisme?

2. What is Ganelon's plan once he reaches Saragossa?

3. What is the period of history called in which the story takes place?

4. What material did the people use to create Marsile's throne?

5. Where do Charlemagne's people meet?

Short Essay Questions

1. Charlemagne chooses two new generals to be at his side in battle. Who do the generals replace and what do they symbolize?

2. What happens to Oliver and what is the result of the conflict? How does Roland react?

3. How does Charlemagne react to the news from Blancandrin?

4. What is Roland's reaction to Blancandrin's tale and promises?

5. What is the relationship between Roland and Ganelon? Between Ganelon and Charlemagne? Between Roland and Charlemagne?

6. Why is Charlemagne puzzled at Alda's reaction to the deaths of Roland and Oliver? What is the cause of Alda's reaction?

7. If the king chooses to worship another religion, what are his beliefs? To whom does the king turn?

8. What does Marsile's nephew claim that he needs in order to defeat Roland? What will the result be?

9. What causes Marsile and Ganelon to argue? What is the result of the argument?

10. Who objects to the plan of sending more soldiers to attack Charlemagne? Why is the objection raised? What is Marsile's response?

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