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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Charlemagne's call, how many Saracens attack Turpin and Roland?
(a) 1,000
(b) 700
(c) 100
(d) 400

2. Who is at Charlemagne's side when he arrives at the battleground?
(a) Naimon
(b) Basan
(c) Turpin
(d) Ganelon

3. What might prevent Charlemagne from following the Saracens?
(a) Fear
(b) Nightfall
(c) Snow
(d) Loyalty to the dead

4. Who is left to defend Charlemagne?
(a) Pinabel
(b) Alverne
(c) Geifreit
(d) Thierry

5. What country is not represented on Charlemagne's battle lines?
(a) Germany
(b) Denmark
(c) Italy
(d) England

6. What does Turpin try to do before he collapses?
(a) Convert the remaining Saracens
(b) Revive Roland
(c) Pray
(d) Fetch water

7. Who/what solves Charlemagne's dilemma?
(a) Naimon
(b) Angels
(c) Lightning
(d) Rage

8. Who is Malprimis?
(a) Marsile's brother
(b) Baligant's son
(c) Roland's brother
(d) Charlemagne's second in command

9. Where is Charlemagne's place among his army?
(a) In the back
(b) Charlemagne does not fight
(c) In the exact center
(d) In the front

10. Charlemagne kills which important member of Baligant's army?
(a) Marsile
(b) Baligant's brother
(c) The second in command
(d) Malprimis

11. Who comes to Roland at the end of this part of the poem?
(a) Turpin
(b) Charlemagne
(c) Angels
(d) Marsile

12. The new generals are given what objects?
(a) Pieces of Roland's armor
(b) Charlemagne's gold
(c) Blessings from the archbishop
(d) Sword and horn

13. How does Charlemagne react to finding Roland?
(a) Collapses in grief
(b) Angry
(c) Rejoices
(d) Relieved

14. What does the Saracen try to steal from Roland?
(a) Horse
(b) Sword
(c) Money
(d) Shoes

15. Where is Charlemagne when Baligant receives the news?
(a) Galne
(b) Aix
(c) Spanish Pass
(d) Saragossa

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is not among the French soldiers still alive?

2. Who tells Charlemagne to pull it together?

3. Above whose altar is the horn laid?

4. Baligant would have made a great warrior if only:

5. What animal or tool is used to kill Ganelon?

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