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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baligant promise to avenge?
(a) The insult to Saragossa
(b) The loss of Marsile's hand
(c) Roland's death
(d) Capture of Bromimonde

2. In what is Charlemagne most interested?
(a) Capturing Marsile
(b) Mourning Roland
(c) Claiming Spain
(d) Vengeance

3. Who watches over Charlemagne as the king sleeps?
(a) Saracens
(b) Naimon
(c) Angels
(d) Roland's spirit

4. Where does Charlemagne take Bromimonde?
(a) To the guillotine
(b) Spanish Pass
(c) Aix
(d) Prison in Saragossa

5. How does Alda die?
(a) She drinks poison
(b) Falls on Roland's sword
(c) From a broken heart
(d) She is trampled by horses

6. Charlemagne kills which important member of Baligant's army?
(a) Malprimis
(b) Baligant's brother
(c) Marsile
(d) The second in command

7. What does Baligant bring with him to Saragossa?
(a) Enchanter
(b) Horses
(c) Ships
(d) Gold

8. Where is Charlemagne when Baligant receives the news?
(a) Spanish Pass
(b) Aix
(c) Galne
(d) Saragossa

9. What might prevent Charlemagne from following the Saracens?
(a) Fear
(b) Nightfall
(c) Snow
(d) Loyalty to the dead

10. After Charlemagne's call, how many Saracens attack Turpin and Roland?
(a) 1,000
(b) 400
(c) 100
(d) 700

11. Who comes to Roland at the end of this part of the poem?
(a) Angels
(b) Marsile
(c) Turpin
(d) Charlemagne

12. Who kills Malprimis?
(a) Charlemagne
(b) One of the Saracen deputies
(c) Naimon
(d) His horse

13. Who objects to a plan to attack Charlemagne once again?
(a) Bromimonde
(b) Baligant
(c) Marsile
(d) Naimon

14. Who is Malprimis?
(a) Charlemagne's second in command
(b) Roland's brother
(c) Marsile's brother
(d) Baligant's son

15. How do most of the remaining Saracens die?
(a) Fall off a cliff
(b) By drowning
(c) Speared by Charlemagne
(d) Hit by lightning

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are asked to replace Roland and Oliver?

2. What body part of Marsile's does Roland amputate?

3. The Saracens fear that if Charlemagne saves Roland, they will lose what item(s)?

4. Who was not at the front of the battle formation?

5. Who steps forward to help Ganelon?

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