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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Marsile reply to the objections?
(a) Pays close attention
(b) Heeds the warnings
(c) Takes them under advisement
(d) Ignores them

2. What country is not represented on Charlemagne's battle lines?
(a) Denmark
(b) England
(c) Italy
(d) Germany

3. What adorns Baligant's shield?
(a) Sapphires
(b) Crystal
(c) Human bones
(d) Mud

4. What does Turpin try to do before he collapses?
(a) Revive Roland
(b) Fetch water
(c) Convert the remaining Saracens
(d) Pray

5. What is the name of Charlemagne's sword?
(a) Norman
(b) Murgles
(c) Jozerans
(d) Joiuse

6. Who kills Malprimis?
(a) Charlemagne
(b) One of the Saracen deputies
(c) Naimon
(d) His horse

7. What animal or tool is used to kill Ganelon?
(a) Axe
(b) Spear
(c) Horse
(d) Lion

8. What had Roland predicted about his death?
(a) That he would kill every last Saracen first
(b) That he would face the enemy
(c) That he would die an old man
(d) That he would not die until Charlemagne arrived

9. In what is Charlemagne most interested?
(a) Capturing Marsile
(b) Claiming Spain
(c) Mourning Roland
(d) Vengeance

10. What might prevent Charlemagne from following the Saracens?
(a) Snow
(b) Fear
(c) Nightfall
(d) Loyalty to the dead

11. How does Alda die?
(a) She drinks poison
(b) Falls on Roland's sword
(c) From a broken heart
(d) She is trampled by horses

12. According to the poem, the French are prepared to earn their:
(a) Victory
(b) Shame
(c) Martyrdom
(d) Just reward

13. What/who does Baligant cause to bleed?
(a) Charlemagne
(b) Malprimis
(c) Marsile
(d) Horse

14. What animal is tied to Ganelon at this part in the story?
(a) Leopard
(b) Horse
(c) Mule
(d) Lion

15. What is Charlemagne's battle cry?
(a) Montjoy!
(b) Onward!
(c) Sacre Bleu!
(d) Mon Dieu!

Short Answer Questions

1. How do most of the remaining Saracens die?

2. Who appears to Roland in the night?

3. Who steps forward to help Ganelon?

4. What is the name of the newly besieged king?

5. Where is Charlemagne's place among his army?

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