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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Marsile tells Baligant that unless he helps, Marsile will be forced to...
(a) Surrender to England
(b) Fight alone
(c) Convert to Christianity
(d) Kill Baligant's family

2. What does Charlemagne remove from Roland?
(a) Heart
(b) Shoes
(c) Sword
(d) Armor

3. Charlemagne kills which important member of Baligant's army?
(a) Malprimis
(b) The second in command
(c) Marsile
(d) Baligant's brother

4. Ganelon claims that he must protect what?
(a) His sickly wife
(b) Family honor
(c) His vast fortune
(d) His business

5. According to the poem, the French are prepared to earn their:
(a) Victory
(b) Just reward
(c) Shame
(d) Martyrdom

6. In what is Charlemagne most interested?
(a) Capturing Marsile
(b) Mourning Roland
(c) Vengeance
(d) Claiming Spain

7. What Christian name is adopted by Bromimonde?
(a) Maria
(b) Therese
(c) Juliana
(d) Esther

8. Where is Charlemagne when Baligant receives the news?
(a) Aix
(b) Saragossa
(c) Spanish Pass
(d) Galne

9. What word does Baligant use to describe Charlemagne?
(a) Ruthless
(b) Foolish
(c) Fierce
(d) Powerless

10. What animal is tied to Ganelon at this part in the story?
(a) Horse
(b) Leopard
(c) Mule
(d) Lion

11. What had Roland predicted about his death?
(a) That he would not die until Charlemagne arrived
(b) That he would die an old man
(c) That he would face the enemy
(d) That he would kill every last Saracen first

12. Roland is intent on breaking what item?
(a) Hold of oncoming death
(b) Tree limb
(c) Saracen's neck
(d) Sword

13. Who objects to a plan to attack Charlemagne once again?
(a) Bromimonde
(b) Marsile
(c) Baligant
(d) Naimon

14. Who is not among the French soldiers still alive?
(a) Roland
(b) Gautier
(c) Turpin
(d) Oliver

15. Baligant would have made a great warrior if only:
(a) He had been baptized
(b) He was not bloodthirsty
(c) He'd had more training
(d) He was more noble

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ganelon's defense against his crime?

2. The Saracens fear that if Charlemagne saves Roland, they will lose what item(s)?

3. How many slain generals are blessed by Turpin?

4. Where is Charlemagne's place among his army?

5. What adorns Baligant's shield?

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