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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Marsile give to Ganelon?
(a) Sable skins
(b) His sword
(c) His wife
(d) Jewels

2. What city does Ganelon go to to meet Charlemagne?
(a) Paris
(b) Galne
(c) Aix
(d) Saragossa

3. Who is Aelroth?
(a) A pagan lookout
(b) Marsile's brother
(c) Oliver's brother
(d) Marsile's nephew

4. Marsile believes that Charlemagne will grow...
(a) Bitter
(b) Faint
(c) Ill
(d) Old

5. What event will be celebrated with Charlemagne?
(a) Festival of St. Michael
(b) Baptism
(c) The King's birthday
(d) Christmas

6. The gift is worth more than what amount of money?
(a) 500 pounds
(b) 2,000 dollars
(c) 1,000 francs
(d) 300 Pesos

7. What gift did Roland give to Charlemagne?
(a) Apple
(b) Sword
(c) Drawing
(d) Fever

8. At the end of the first battle, how many Saracens are left alive?
(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) 8
(d) 4

9. This stanza predicts:
(a) Defeat
(b) Coup
(c) Loss
(d) Embargo

10. The poem states that Charlemagne cannot save himself from:
(a) Robbery
(b) Mutiny
(c) Treachery
(d) Stupidity

11. The Song of Roland is referred to as what type of poem?
(a) Epic
(b) Haiku
(c) Lyrical
(d) Edda

12. The poem does not address which of the following:
(a) Betrayal
(b) Christianity
(c) Corruption
(d) Violence

13. What is Ganelon's plan once he reaches Saragossa?
(a) Subservience
(b) Bullying
(c) Begging
(d) Trickery

14. The poem states that Charlemagne holds no man in...
(a) Anger
(b) Terror
(c) Contempt
(d) Gratitude

15. Turpin reminds the troops to keep what item?
(a) Ambition
(b) Faith
(c) Courage
(d) Honor

Short Answer Questions

1. How many hostages will be presented?

2. What is Roland's title?

3. What does Oliver request from Roland?

4. The soldiers equated the plague as:

5. What country is the poem written about?

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