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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Charlemagne been at war?
(a) 5 years
(b) 4 years
(c) 7 years
(d) 10 years

2. What city does Ganelon go to to meet Charlemagne?
(a) Paris
(b) Aix
(c) Saragossa
(d) Galne

3. Which animal was tethered with a leash?
(a) Lion
(b) Greyhound
(c) Bear
(d) Hawk

4. Which of these words does NOT describe Abisme?
(a) Loyal
(b) Evil
(c) Fierce
(d) Skittish

5. What religion is Charlemagne?
(a) Catholic
(b) Anglican
(c) Pagan
(d) Lutheran

6. What is the name of the nephew to Richard the Old?
(a) Oliver
(b) Ganelon
(c) Henry
(d) Charlemagne

7. What material did the people use to create Marsile's throne?
(a) Human bones
(b) Mable
(c) Wood from a sacred tree
(d) Granite

8. Ganelon tells Charlemagne that Marsile's traitorous men met with what fate?
(a) They were killed by hounds
(b) They were
(c) They were captured
(d) They drowned

9. In Charlemagne's dream, what animal did he see?
(a) Mule
(b) Rat
(c) Leopard
(d) Elephant

10. What was the weather when Blancandrin arrived?
(a) Overcast
(b) Snowy
(c) Rainy
(d) Sunny

11. What plagues the soldiers on the field?
(a) Unbearable heat
(b) Locusts
(c) Snow
(d) Thunderstorm

12. How is Oliver described?
(a) Brilliant
(b) Gentle
(c) Resourceful
(d) Impulsive

13. Which animal was not taken on the journey as a gift?
(a) Mule
(b) Hawk
(c) Camel
(d) Wolf

14. With which country is Charlemagne at war?
(a) Russia
(b) Italy
(c) France
(d) Spain

15. Who asks for permission to kill Roland?
(a) Marsile
(b) Ganelon
(c) Marsile's nephew
(d) Oliver

Short Answer Questions

1. The poem states that Charlemagne holds no man in...

2. Who is referred to as Charlemagne's henchman?

3. What sign of peace will go with Marsile's people?

4. What country is the poem written about?

5. Oliver says he would rather die than face what?

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