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Objective: Roland is in service to Charlemagne, the King of France. Charlemagne was known as a great and powerful man with a great deal of influence. Study the history of Charlemagne.

1. Discuss the History of King Charlemagne of France. When did he live? When did he rule France? What was Charlemagne most known for? What alternate names or titles were bestowed upon Charlemagne? In how many wars or conflicts did Charlemagne engage? How many were won/lost?

2. Using internet resources, find pictures and little known facts about Charlemagne. Create a collage with the pictures, both formal and informal and write a couple of sentences regarding each picture, including the date, if possible.

3. Homework: The places mentioned in the Song of Roland may no longer exist, or if they do, the names may have changed. Find an ancient map that pictures the places mentioned in the poem. Use...

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