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Part 1

• Reader is introduced to Roland

• Roland is in service to Charlemagne

• Roland is Charlemagne's nephew

• Charlemagne has been at war with Spain for seven years

• King Marsile, a Muslim, rules Saragossa

Part 2

• Marsile asks the people for advice

• Blancandrin comes up with a plan

• The group intends to approach Charlemagne with a peace offering

• The group will make a false commitment to convert

• Blancandrin and others depart

• The poem indicates that Charlemagne will have no idea of the betrayal to come

Part 3

• Charlemagne is happy with his success

• Charlemagne's people meet in a great orchard

• Charlemagne is surrounded by his people, including Roland and Oliver

• Blancandrin meets Charlemagne and delivers gifts

• Blancandrin also tells of Marsile's willingness to convert

• Charlemagne puts everyone up for the night

• Charlemagne meets with his advisers

Part 4

• Charlemagne considers Marsile's offer

• Roland advises against Charlemagne's acceptance

• Ganelon tells Charlemagne to ignore Roland...

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