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Harvey's Gun Shop

This is the place where the main character's plan first goes into effect.

784 Extension

This is the reason the main character's life is turned upside-down.

Blue Ribbon Laundry

This is the main character's place of employment.


This is the name of the place that the option to purchase falls through on, allowing another company to buy it.

Magliore's Used Cars

This is the mobster-run business that supplies the main character with the explosives needed as part of the main character's plot.

Product Four Synthetic Mescaline

This is the drug that the hitchhiker gave to the main character.


This is the place that one of the main character's co-employees goes to work after the laundry closes.

Eminent Domain

This is the law by which the government can obtain private property.

Principle of the Pleasure Push

This is the theory that maintains that if enough...

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