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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Tanus name his bow Lanata?

2. What does Taita conspicuously display over the harem wall the morning after Lostris's wedding?

3. How does Taita conquer Shufti?

4. What hunt do Taita and Lostris attend with Pharaoh before the windstorm strikes?

5. When Tanus disappeared, to whom did he hand over his squadron and Pharaoh's seal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance in the fact that Tanus is nicknamed Akh-Horus? Is it important that Hui, a boy who defected from the Shrikes in exchange for his life, gives him this name?

2. What is the immediate effect as Tanus begins to rout the Shrikes? How does this change affect people's loyalty to Pharaoh? What do you think might be the long-term effects of this new loyalty?

3. After Taita is whipped because he dares to petition for Lostris and Tanus's marriage, Lostris cares for his wounds. How does she reveal that she is still a child? What hope does the reader have that her marriage to Tanus will occur?

4. What condition is Tanus in when Taita finally finds him? How is this condition similar to Lostris's desire for death on her wedding night? How is Taita able to save Tanus in much the same way he saved Lostris?

5. Throughout this first section, what evidence does Taita give that he is a favored slave? What was the cost of this favor?

6. What happens in the tombs during the three-day sandstorm? How does Taita reveal the deepest sadness that is in his heart? What does this say about his character?

7. How does Taita describe the hippo hunt? How does he see the animal in relation to divinity? What is the effect of the hippo hunt on Taita?

8. What does Taita learn from his friend Tiamat about the Shrikes? How does this explain the destitution of Egypt and the weakness of Pharaoh?

9. When Taita works the Mazes for Pharaoh, what does he see? Why does he lie to the king about what he sees? What might the effect have been if he didn't lie?

10. Describe the murder of Tod onstage during the festival pageant. What does Taita reveal about humanity, as he perceives it, during this scene?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Egypt treat the uncivilized people whom it encounters? Is this in keeping with the traditions of other nations? How is Egypt more civilized than most of its neighbors? What might have been the long-lasting effects of its demise during Taita's life?

Essay Topic 2

How much knowledge does Taita have of the inner workings of both Lord Intef's and Pharaoh's courts? Why is this so? In other words, is he given this knowledge only because of his lowly position in society?

Essay Topic 3

What surgical skills does Taita display, apart from any potions? What explorations and innovations have benefited his people? How does this set Taita apart from any other doctors? How does his medical knowledge pervade and affect many pieces of the story?

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