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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the Egyptians easily able to capture the Shilluk village in Cush?
(a) The village is small and insignificant.
(b) The people had been betrayed by their chief.
(c) The people are not hunters and thus not prepared to defend themselves.
(d) The men are out on the plain hunting oryx.

2. Why does Lostris establish a dozen hospitals and hotels for poor people in Thebes?
(a) Because Tanus had been generous with the military veterans.
(b) Because Taita encouraged her to do it.
(c) Because it was her father's last wish.
(d) Because she is bored and lonely.

3. How does Lord Intef escape his execution with the Shrike barons?
(a) He argues that his execution will tarnish his daughter's reputation forever.
(b) He pleads with Pharaoh for mercy.
(c) He buys his own life with half of his treasure.
(d) He poisons the guards and slips out a secret passageway.

4. What do Taita's pregnancy tests for Lostris involve?
(a) Crocodile meat and lily flowers.
(b) Nile water and wine.
(c) Mangoes and a full moon.
(d) Corn and frogs.

5. Where does the Shepherd King shoot his first arrow as the battle begins?
(a) Randomly into the Egyptian troops.
(b) Into Pharaoh's throne.
(c) Toward Tanus.
(d) Into Taita's leg.

6. What idea of Tanus's is shot down in the military council?
(a) Traveling to the northern border to meet them head-on.
(b) Finding out more about the enemy from the east before engaging in battle.
(c) Waiting for them in Thebes and gathering greater forces.
(d) Leaving the women and children by the Nile and traveling east to meet the enemy.

7. As he lies dying, what are the last words that Pharaoh speaks?
(a) Passages from the Book of the Dead.
(b) Prayers for a safe journey into paradise.
(c) Words of love to Queen Lostris.
(d) Incantation against evil spirits.

8. While Lostris is pregnant, what is the one thing she asks for that she does not get?
(a) A promotion for Tanus.
(b) Freedom for Taita.
(c) Snow from Syria.
(d) A new palace in Thebes.

9. What crude surgery does Taita perform to save the horses stricken with the gnu illness?
(a) Cuts a slit in their sides so the pus does not reach their lungs.
(b) Slits their nostrils so they can breathe.
(c) Cuts a hole in their windpipes and inserts a straw.
(d) Cuts out their tongues so they do not swallow them and choke.

10. Who enticed the Hyksos to attack Thebes with promises of treasure?
(a) Lord Intef.
(b) Pharaoh.
(c) Salitis.
(d) Hui.

11. Why does Queen Lostris establish a stone monument just past the first cataract?
(a) To honor her dead husband.
(b) As a vow to her people that she would return.
(c) To commemorate the work of the five men who brought the ships through.
(d) To honor the army, particularly its leader Tanus.

12. Why does Lostris wait in the palace as the Hyksos approach?
(a) She would rather die in her palace than be a wanderer.
(b) She will not board the ship until all her people are onboard.
(c) She does not realize the Hyksos are so close.
(d) She wants to test Tanus's love.

13. Where is Arkoun's castle?
(a) On the banks of the Nile.
(b) On a vast plain.
(c) On the foothills of a mountain.
(d) On a wind-swept mountain.

14. Why do the Hyksos pass by their victims rather than running straight into them?
(a) They can lean over the chariot edge and engage in swordplay.
(b) They prefer to intimidate the troops first.
(c) The knives on their chariot wheels cut apart the men.
(d) They do not want to sacrifice their horses.

15. After Lostris gives birth to a daughter, how soon must Taita have another dream to explain another pregnancy?
(a) Within the same year.
(b) Five years later.
(c) One year later.
(d) Two years later.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the place where the two rivers meet, why is Taita not content?

2. Just past the fourth cataract, what do the Egyptians encounter for the first time in their lives?

3. What is the constant problem with the first chariots?

4. Why does Taita think he deserves to be called the best artist in all the land?

5. What does Taita do before he tells Pharaoh that Lostris is pregnant again?

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