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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Memnon awarded the Gold of Valour?
(a) He accompanies Lord Aqer's expedition.
(b) He leads the first raid of the Shilluk villages to capture slaves.
(c) He saves Tanus and Taita from a wounded bull elephant.
(d) He saves Tanus and Taita from being swept away in the river rapids.

2. After Lostris gives birth to a daughter, how soon must Taita have another dream to explain another pregnancy?
(a) Within the same year.
(b) Five years later.
(c) Two years later.
(d) One year later.

3. After passing the first cataract, what animal do Taita and his charioteers hunt?
(a) Oryx.
(b) Gnu.
(c) Deer.
(d) Elephants.

4. What task does Queen Lostris give to Lord Aqer?
(a) To infiltrate King Salitis' inner circle of advisors and send back information.
(b) To open the road north to Thebes.
(c) To guide the ships through the fourth cataract.
(d) To hunt enough meat for the next six months.

5. What gift does Taita leave on Tanus's coffin before the tomb is sealed?
(a) The blue sword.
(b) A statue of Lostris.
(c) His bow Lanata.
(d) A carving of Tanus's likeness.

6. What is the name of the warriors who are coming from the east?
(a) Khetkhet.
(b) Hyksos.
(c) Kom-Ombo.
(d) Memnon.

7. Why does Lostris delay the burial of her husband past the seventy days of embalming?
(a) Memnon is not yet old enough to attend the burial ceremony.
(b) She is afraid the Hyksos will plunder the tomb.
(c) She does not feel that there is enough treasure to accompany him.
(d) The tomb is not yet finished because Pharaoh died earlier than expected.

8. When do the Egyptians begin to flee toward their ships away from the Hyksos?
(a) When Pharaoh is hit with an arrow.
(b) When the battle changes to a massacre.
(c) When Tanus calls them to retreat.
(d) When the men in front begin stampeding toward the back.

9. How does Lord Intef escape his execution with the Shrike barons?
(a) He pleads with Pharaoh for mercy.
(b) He argues that his execution will tarnish his daughter's reputation forever.
(c) He buys his own life with half of his treasure.
(d) He poisons the guards and slips out a secret passageway.

10. What is Memnon's reaction to the hunt?
(a) He has tears in his eyes.
(b) He is stone-faced and silent.
(c) He kneels in the plain and cries.
(d) He becomes bloodthirsty.

11. What is the constant problem with the first chariots?
(a) The horses are scared of them.
(b) The wheels fall off.
(c) The men cannot drive the horses.
(d) The chariots are very heavy.

12. What is Pharaoh's last wish to Lostris?
(a) That she finish his tomb and bury him according to The Book of the Dead.
(b) That she hand over power to Memnon immediately.
(c) That she find Lord Intef and bring him to justice.
(d) That she rally the nation and defeat the Hyksos.

13. When Tanus accuses Lord Intef of being the chief of the Shrikes, what is Lord Intef's reaction?
(a) He begins denying everything vigorously.
(b) He stands silent.
(c) He runs through the small sacristy door.
(d) He laughs.

14. What proves that Lord Intef owned the chests of treasure hidden in his palace?
(a) The hidden passageway to his rooms.
(b) His ring seal on the locks.
(c) The fact that they were hidden in his palace.
(d) None of the answers is correct.

15. When some passengers are reluctant to travel south into Africa, where do they disembark?
(a) At the first cataract.
(b) At Elephantine Island.
(c) At Thebes.
(d) At the southern border.

Short Answer Questions

1. What crude surgery does Taita perform to save the horses stricken with the gnu illness?

2. At the place where the two rivers meet, why is Taita not content?

3. How does Taita escape from Arkoun?

4. What would happen if Lostris bore the illegitimate child of another man?

5. What moment does Taita mark as the turning point in Egypt's history away from despair?

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