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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Just past the fourth cataract, what do the Egyptians encounter for the first time in their lives?
(a) Rain.
(b) Trees.
(c) Hunger.
(d) Snow.

2. What is Memnon's reaction to the hunt?
(a) He is stone-faced and silent.
(b) He kneels in the plain and cries.
(c) He becomes bloodthirsty.
(d) He has tears in his eyes.

3. What is Pharaoh's last wish to Lostris?
(a) That she finish his tomb and bury him according to The Book of the Dead.
(b) That she find Lord Intef and bring him to justice.
(c) That she hand over power to Memnon immediately.
(d) That she rally the nation and defeat the Hyksos.

4. How does Pharaoh react to the accusations of Lord Intef's guilt?
(a) He gives Lord Intef one year to prove himself innocent.
(b) He forgives Lord Intef after only a few moments.
(c) He condemns Lord Intef immediately.
(d) He wavers, wanting the accusations to be false.

5. When do the Egyptians begin to flee toward their ships away from the Hyksos?
(a) When the men in front begin stampeding toward the back.
(b) When the battle changes to a massacre.
(c) When Tanus calls them to retreat.
(d) When Pharaoh is hit with an arrow.

6. Why does the queen not want her people to build a temple to Ammon-Ra?
(a) She already built a temple to Hapi.
(b) There are not enough raw materials in the area.
(c) She wants them to remain travelers.
(d) She does not worship Ammon-Ra.

7. Why do the Hyksos pass by their victims rather than running straight into them?
(a) They can lean over the chariot edge and engage in swordplay.
(b) They do not want to sacrifice their horses.
(c) They prefer to intimidate the troops first.
(d) The knives on their chariot wheels cut apart the men.

8. How does Lord Intef die?
(a) Taita disembowels him with the wheel-knife of his chariot.
(b) Lord Intef's men turn on him when they see that Pharaoh's treasure is gone.
(c) Tanus drives his sword through him.
(d) Lord Intef drowns in the Nile when his ship catches fire.

9. What gift does Taita leave on Tanus's coffin before the tomb is sealed?
(a) His bow Lanata.
(b) A carving of Tanus's likeness.
(c) A statue of Lostris.
(d) The blue sword.

10. How old is Prince Memnon when a messenger brings news of the fall of the Lower Kingdom?
(a) Five months old.
(b) Five years old.
(c) One month old.
(d) Twenty-one years old.

11. How does Lord Intef escape his execution with the Shrike barons?
(a) He pleads with Pharaoh for mercy.
(b) He buys his own life with half of his treasure.
(c) He argues that his execution will tarnish his daughter's reputation forever.
(d) He poisons the guards and slips out a secret passageway.

12. Why are the Egyptians easily able to capture the Shilluk village in Cush?
(a) The men are out on the plain hunting oryx.
(b) The village is small and insignificant.
(c) The people are not hunters and thus not prepared to defend themselves.
(d) The people had been betrayed by their chief.

13. How are the Hyksos a backward people, according to Taita?
(a) They serve savage gods.
(b) Their means of warfare are primitive.
(c) They cannot read or write.
(d) Their women are treated like slaves.

14. When some Egyptians want to leave the caravan ships traveling south, what does Queen Lostris do?
(a) Offers to put them ashore for the Hyksos to find and capture.
(b) Imprisons them in the ships' holds.
(c) Cuts their tongues out so they can no longer grumble.
(d) Throws them overboard.

15. How is Tanus injured in the first elephant hunt?
(a) The elephant's trunk strikes his chariot.
(b) He loses his balance and falls out of the chariot.
(c) He is struck by another warrior's arrow.
(d) His chariot loses a wheel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dream does Taita have to explain Lostris's pregnancy?

2. What moment does Taita mark as the turning point in Egypt's history away from despair?

3. What would happen if Lostris bore the illegitimate child of another man?

4. What is a large part of a physician's training?

5. When some passengers are reluctant to travel south into Africa, where do they disembark?

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