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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Taita leave on Tanus's coffin before the tomb is sealed?
(a) His bow Lanata.
(b) A carving of Tanus's likeness.
(c) The blue sword.
(d) A statue of Lostris.

2. How does the goddess Hapi answer the travelers' prayers at the beginning of their voyage?
(a) The Nile floods several weeks early.
(b) The Nile floods several weeks late.
(c) The Hyksos do not attack them again.
(d) They do not lose any ships in the first cataract.

3. What does Taita do before he tells Pharaoh that Lostris is pregnant again?
(a) He tells Tanus that the child is really his.
(b) He offers sacrifices of thanks at the temple of Hapi.
(c) He consults the oracles to see if the child will be a boy.
(d) He casts the horoscope to see if the child will be born under good stars.

4. How does Pharaoh spend the treasure he recovered from Lord Intef?
(a) He pays the troops for the past year that they have not been paid.
(b) Half of it goes into his tomb.
(c) He sends half of it to the temple of Horus.
(d) He awards a quarter of it to Tanus.

5. What does Memnon argue so that he can go hunting with Taita and the other charioteers?
(a) Queen Lostris gave him permission to accompany Taita.
(b) He deserves to be with the hunters rather than the women.
(c) He needs to practice his hunting skills.
(d) He is the crown prince and should lead his people.

6. According to ancient Egyptian belief, what causes the Nile to flood?
(a) The god Hapi pours out water from two jars.
(b) Pharaoh's sacrifices bring about the flood.
(c) The god Horus turns dust into water drops.
(d) The sun generates water as well as heat.

7. When Tanus enters the temple of Osiris, what is the crowd's reaction?
(a) Rejection.
(b) Scorn.
(c) Disbelief.
(d) Worship.

8. How does Lord Intef die?
(a) Tanus drives his sword through him.
(b) Lord Intef drowns in the Nile when his ship catches fire.
(c) Taita disembowels him with the wheel-knife of his chariot.
(d) Lord Intef's men turn on him when they see that Pharaoh's treasure is gone.

9. For the end of the Osiris festival, what did Taita design and build?
(a) Scaffolding stands for people to sit in.
(b) A grander stage for the pageant.
(c) A small version of Pharaoh's home palace.
(d) A higher dais for Pharaoh's throne.

10. What do Taita's pregnancy tests for Lostris involve?
(a) Mangoes and a full moon.
(b) Corn and frogs.
(c) Crocodile meat and lily flowers.
(d) Nile water and wine.

11. When Taita works the Mazes of Ammon-Ra to receive guidance about the Hyksos problem, how does his vision begin?
(a) With a long green snake.
(b) With a forest of crowned trees.
(c) With the goddess Hapi.
(d) With the sound of thunder.

12. After setting up the stone monument, why does the queen give Taita the Gold of Praise?
(a) To honor his help in getting the Egyptian people that far.
(b) Because the people expect her to acknowledge him.
(c) Because Tanus asked her to.
(d) To honor a promise she had made to her father.

13. How does Taita map out the Nile as the ships travel on it?
(a) By tracking the varying river depths.
(b) By improving the maps made by previous travelers.
(c) By counting how many times a chariot wheel turns along the bank, paralleling the ship.
(d) By measuring their placement according to the stars.

14. Following the battle with the Hyksos, what did Tanus do that caused him great grief?
(a) Said goodbye to Lostris for the next three months.
(b) Burned the bodies of five thousand faithful soldiers who were killed.
(c) Burned half his ships because he no longer had men to pilot them.
(d) Said goodbye to the dying Pharaoh for the last time.

15. Why does Queen Lostris establish a stone monument just past the first cataract?
(a) To honor her dead husband.
(b) To honor the army, particularly its leader Tanus.
(c) As a vow to her people that she would return.
(d) To commemorate the work of the five men who brought the ships through.

Short Answer Questions

1. What idea of Tanus's is shot down in the military council?

2. How are the Hyksos a backward people, according to Taita?

3. What is the constant problem with the first chariots?

4. Why does Lostris delay the burial of her husband past the seventy days of embalming?

5. At the place where the two rivers meet, why is Taita not content?

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