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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Taita explain his absence to Pharaoh?
(a) He says these things are too holy to be spoken of.
(b) He says that he was on secret business for the goddess Hapi.
(c) He secretly tells Pharaoh everything that happened.
(d) He does not have a convincing reason.

2. Why is Tanus's speech a surprise to his whole audience, especially Taita?
(a) He boldly names all the problems rampaging through Egypt.
(b) He does not mention any modern problems or solutions.
(c) He praises his own god rather than Pharaoh's chosen god.
(d) He repeatedly blames Pharaoh for the nation's problems.

3. Why is Taita valuable to Lord Intef?
(a) Taita manages all his wealth.
(b) Taita has helped him win favor with Pharaoh.
(c) Taita is one of his favorite lovers.
(d) Taita knows all the dark secrets of Lord Intef's reign.

4. Once Taita finds Tanus, how does he sober him up?
(a) Dragging him out of the shack and dumping him in the river.
(b) Forcing him to drink water until he threw up.
(c) Telling him stories of Lostris's new life to rouse him to action.
(d) Giving him a special potion to aid sobriety.

5. What does Tanus name as one of the single worst afflictions to settle on Egypt?
(a) Pharaoh's tax collectors.
(b) The black plague.
(c) The lack of a male heir to the throne.
(d) The bands of slave traders.

6. How do the soldiers respond when Tanus orders them to put on the dresses of slave girls?
(a) They treat the moment like a game.
(b) They refuse until they know why.
(c) They laugh and protest.
(d) They refuse until Tanus threatens them.

7. How did Lostris first gain her knowledge of the outdoors?
(a) By tagging along with Tanus and Taita on their hunts.
(b) By studying long hours with Taita.
(c) By asking Tanus many questions after he went hunting.
(d) By hunting with her father.

8. How many wounded Shrikes does Taita care for after the battle?
(a) None.
(b) Twenty.
(c) Five.
(d) Fifty.

9. What invention of Taita's is Lostris thrilled with at her new home?
(a) An interior water garden.
(b) A thatched barrazza.
(c) More vivid paints for the interior murals.
(d) A water-stool.

10. What is Pharaoh's primary concern for the future of his kingdom?
(a) That he has no male heir.
(b) That the kingdom is attacked by foreign armies.
(c) That the kingdom is disintegrating from within.
(d) That he has no worthy male heir.

11. After Lostris disappears from the festivities on the shore, where does Taita find her?
(a) In the ship's stronghold.
(b) In Tanus's tent with him.
(c) In Hapi's temple with Tanus.
(d) In her own tent with Tanus.

12. What body parts are left inside a man when he is embalmed?
(a) The heart and kidneys.
(b) The liver and stomach.
(c) The heart and lungs.
(d) The lungs and brain.

13. Why was Taita made a eunuch when he was sixteen?
(a) He had attempted to escape from the palace.
(b) He had stolen several jewels from Lord Intef's treasury.
(c) He had refused to sacrifice to Lord Intef's favorite god.
(d) He had been unfaithful to Lord Intef and slept with a slave girl.

14. What are the ushabti that would be buried with Pharaoh when he died?
(a) Vast treasures of wealth that he accumulated in life.
(b) Carved likenesses of all his children, who are his legacy.
(c) Carved dolls of various craftsmen that would accompany him to the next world.
(d) His favorite wives and concubines.

15. What surgery must Taita perform on Rasfer after the pageant?
(a) Draining the brain of blood.
(b) Sewing up several sword wounds.
(c) Removing splinters of an arrow.
(d) Setting a broken arm.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Taita keep separate from the crowds?

2. After Taita witnesses the lovers' kiss, what does Lostris demand of him?

3. What does Shufti the baron offer Tanus in return for twenty of his "slave girls"?

4. How does the audience accept the bloody, gaudy pageant?

5. Why did Taita help Tanus enter the army?

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