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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Lostris first gain her knowledge of the outdoors?
(a) By asking Tanus many questions after he went hunting.
(b) By tagging along with Tanus and Taita on their hunts.
(c) By studying long hours with Taita.
(d) By hunting with her father.

2. Out of the thirteen barons, how many are killed in this first battle with Tanus?
(a) Four.
(b) Nine.
(c) Eleven.
(d) Three.

3. Who is Kratas?
(a) Tanus's chief lieutenant and Taita's close friend.
(b) The high priest of the goddess Hapi.
(c) The leader of the band of slave traders.
(d) A common soldier and Taita's close friend.

4. How is Lostris thrown from the Breath of Horus?
(a) She tries to duck Tanus's arrow and falls.
(b) The rowers take a curve too sharply.
(c) She is startled by Taita's shout and falls.
(d) The ship runs into the bull hippopotamus.

5. What surgery must Taita perform on Rasfer after the pageant?
(a) Setting a broken arm.
(b) Draining the brain of blood.
(c) Removing splinters of an arrow.
(d) Sewing up several sword wounds.

6. What happens when Taita approaches Lord Intef to explain Lostris's love for Tanus?
(a) Lord Intef listens and approves.
(b) He is whipped.
(c) Lord Intef threatens to kill Tanus.
(d) He is imprisoned.

7. How much time is Tanus given to restore order to the Upper Kingdom?
(a) One year.
(b) Two years.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Two months.

8. Contrary to Pharaoh's plans, why does Lostris set out to charm him?
(a) To win his favor for Tanus.
(b) To win his love and eventually marriage.
(c) To win favor for her father.
(d) To win freedom for Taita.

9. Why is Taita nervous about the pageant at the end of the festival?
(a) He wrote a new script to replace the thousand-year-old version.
(b) He must direct the play.
(c) He is playing the main role of Horus.
(d) Lostris has not learned her lines properly.

10. To what army regiment does Tanus belong?
(a) The Blue Crocodiles.
(b) The Scarlet Sign.
(c) The Black Hippo.
(d) The Golden Sun.

11. What does Taita do the night Lostris is first called in to visit Pharaoh?
(a) Drinks a sleeping potion and goes to bed.
(b) Takes his night hawks hunting.
(c) Plays a game with Aton outside the chamber.
(d) Paces his own room in agitation.

12. Why is Taita valuable to Lord Intef?
(a) Taita has helped him win favor with Pharaoh.
(b) Taita manages all his wealth.
(c) Taita knows all the dark secrets of Lord Intef's reign.
(d) Taita is one of his favorite lovers.

13. Why does Pharaoh boast of Taita's abilities as a physician?
(a) Taita cured Pharaoh's impotence.
(b) Taita healed Pharaoh of pneumonia.
(c) Taita cured Pharaoh's ringworm.
(d) Taita made Lostris more fertile to carry a male child.

14. Who is the first Shrike willing to help Tanus in exchange for keeping his life?
(a) Basti.
(b) Gebel-Umm-Bahari.
(c) Khargi.
(d) Hui.

15. What does Tanus name as one of the single worst afflictions to settle on Egypt?
(a) The lack of a male heir to the throne.
(b) The bands of slave traders.
(c) The black plague.
(d) Pharaoh's tax collectors.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the cobra get into Taita's room to attack him?

2. Why is Tanus's speech a surprise to his whole audience, especially Taita?

3. In the pageant duel with Rasfer, why does Tanus not kill Rasfer?

4. In the early-morning sunlight, how does Pharaoh appear?

5. How does the audience accept the bloody, gaudy pageant?

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