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Wilbur Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 405-444.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Following the battle with the Hyksos, what did Tanus do that caused him great grief?
(a) Said goodbye to Lostris for the next three months.
(b) Burned half his ships because he no longer had men to pilot them.
(c) Burned the bodies of five thousand faithful soldiers who were killed.
(d) Said goodbye to the dying Pharaoh for the last time.

2. What surgery must Taita perform on Rasfer after the pageant?
(a) Setting a broken arm.
(b) Removing splinters of an arrow.
(c) Draining the brain of blood.
(d) Sewing up several sword wounds.

3. How does Lord Intef die?
(a) Tanus drives his sword through him.
(b) Lord Intef's men turn on him when they see that Pharaoh's treasure is gone.
(c) Lord Intef drowns in the Nile when his ship catches fire.
(d) Taita disembowels him with the wheel-knife of his chariot.

4. Pharaoh's palace is in the southernmost part of Egypt. What reason do some people give for this?
(a) To be farther away from Lord Intef.
(b) To be able to extend his borders south.
(c) To be closer to the mouth of the Nile, a holy place.
(d) To be as far as possible from the strife in the north.

5. Why does Taita conduct Pharaoh's tours of his treasuries?
(a) Pharaoh remembered him from the pageant and requested that he lead.
(b) Lord Intef could not answer Pharaoh's questions.
(c) None of the answers is correct.
(d) The priests could not answer Pharaoh's questions.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tanus accuses Lord Intef of being the chief of the Shrikes, what is Lord Intef's reaction?

2. Where does the Shepherd King shoot his first arrow as the battle begins?

3. What does "Lostris" mean?

4. Where do Tanus and Lostris first sleep together?

5. What is Pharaoh's last wish to Lostris?

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