Objects & Places from River God

Wilbur Smith
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The vast majority of the book was set in various parts of this country.


This city was the seat of the red pretender, an enemy who asserted his claim to the throne.


This place was the site of the royal palace, and has beautiful scenery and excellent protection.


This city was a trading port, a well-known city, and battle site.


This city was the birthplace of the crown prince.

The Delta

This was a fertile area of land at the country's northernmost border.

The Nile River

This river overflowed its shores every year, bringing forth fertilizer for the land and water for the people.


This was a southern land, previously unexplored, but which had its own indigenous peoples.

Hunting expeditions

These pastimes were crucial for male bonding and warrior training,


This was the name of the bow that one of the...

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