Daily Lessons for Teaching River God

Wilbur Smith
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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1-47)


"River God" opens with the scene of a hippopotamus hunt on the Nile. Tanus is leading his men aboard his ship Breath of Horus, while Lostris and Taita are onboard to watch. This lesson plan will examine the first look of the three main characters from a literary perspective as the hunt reveals aspects of their personalities.


1) Brainstorming Activity: How is Tanus's character portrayed? Are there revelations about him that you (the reader) did not expect? What are his relationships to Taita, Lostris, and his men? How does he have the personality of a warrior?

2) Partner Discussion: How is Lostris's character portrayed? Who has great influence in her life? How is she portrayed as a child in many ways? Though the hunt is solemn and dangerous, what is her mood and why?

3) Class Discussion: How is Taita's character portrayed? What are his relations to Tanus...

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