River God Fun Activities

Wilbur Smith
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Dressing like a Novel Character

Choose your favorite character from the book and dress like that person for a day. Ensure that your outfit conforms to modern standards of decency. Be sure to include any props like the crooked staff, the Gold of Praise, the double crown, and be creative!

Story-Telling with Hieroglyphics

Print out a guide of common hieroglyphics that were used during this period. Tell a story using these hieroglyphics.

Egyptian Music

Find a few Egyptian songs, preferably ones that may have been played and sung during this era. Play them in class and discuss when the Egyptian characters would have heard these songs.

Museum Field Trip

Take a field trip to the closest museum that holds an Egyptian exhibit. What cultural and literary similarities do you find between the novel and the museum artifacts?

Poem in Praise

Write a poem in praise of one of...

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