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Wilbur Smith
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Essay Topic 1

Is Taita a realistic character? To what extent is it plausible that he is gifted in so many areas?

Essay Topic 2

How much knowledge does Taita have of the inner workings of both Lord Intef's and Pharaoh's courts? Why is this so? In other words, is he given this knowledge only because of his lowly position in society?

Essay Topic 3

What role does Rasfer play in the novel? To what extent is he the obvious incarnation of Lord Intef's evil thoughts? What is Rasfer's role in Taita's life? Does Taita, in the end, forgive him?

Essay Topic 4

What is the question of slavery in Taita's mind? Despite his position in life, why does he justify it? How does his opinion fit with ancient Egyptian culture? Reference pages 118 and 432, among others, for Taita's words.

Essay Topic 5

Taita notes the battle with the Hyksos as the end of...

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