River God Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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This character, the narrator of the story, is a loyal slave of a lord and then of the queen. He knows science, astrology, and medicine.

Lady Lostris

This woman became queen and bore three children of her lover, though they were called royal. She led her people in exile and returned to reclaim their land.

Lord Tanus Harrab

This man became a great military leader and was buried with much ceremony in the royal tomb.

Crown Prince Memnon

This intelligent character was a great hunter and military leader. Though his first wife was from a foreign country, he returned.

Pharaoh Mamose

This character was weak and ineffective but ruled his land for many years before dying of an arrow wound.

Lord Intef

This character governed a city. He was corrupt, greedy, and cruel.


This man was the royal executioner and was hung for acts of treachery...

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