River God Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wilbur Smith
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Pages 1-47

• Tanus and his men hunt the bull hippopotamus.
• Tanus and Lostris declare their love for each other and decide to marry.
• Taita tells some of his roles in the palace and relates the story of how he became a eunuch.

Pages 48-107

• Tanus, Lostris, and Rasfer perform in the pageant of Osiris, and Tanus ends the pageant with a pointed speech at Pharaoh.
• Pharaoh tours the treasuries and masonries that are preparing for his burial.
• Pharaoh decides to marry Lostris at the end of the festival of Osiris.

Pages 108-145

• Pharaoh arrests Tanus but then frees him on the condition that he stamp out the terror in the north.
• As a wedding present, Lostris asks that Taita move to her household.
• Taita has a vision that Pharaoh's line will not survive.

Pages 146-190

• The ninety days are over and Pharaoh calls for Lostris to visit him...

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