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Short Answer Questions

1. How far offshore is the boat Malin sees moored offshore Ragged Island?

2. By running tests in the Water Pit, what is the team hoping to find?

3. What month and year does "Riptide" begin?

4. Who are the guests of honor at the Stormhaven Lobster Bake?

5. What are Christopher St. John and Kerry Wopner working together on to decode?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Alfred Hatch Sr. tell his boys, Malin and Johnny, that they are forbidden to go to Ragged Island?

2. When Kerry Wopner goes to the post office, who does Wopner run into and what do they discuss?

3. What does Malin Hatch learn from the computer printout that Neidelman gives him?

4. What happens at the beginning of Chapter 9 when Malin visits his childhood home?

5. What is the legend of the pirate Red Ned Ockham?

6. In Chapter 10, what is the purpose of the meeting aboard the Griffin?

7. What is the discussion about between St. John and Wopner during Chapter 18 in the command center?

8. What was the discussion between Malin Hatch and Woody Clay about at the Stormhaven Lobster Bake?

9. What happens when Malin and Johnny Hatch take a boat over to Ragged Island?

10. Who is Captain Gerald Neidelman and why does he want to see Malin Hatch?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the relationship between Kerry Wopner and Gerald Neidelman? How are they similar? How are they different?

Essay Topic 2

Do you agree with Malin Hatch's decision to shut down operations when Hatch has not been able to pinpoint the mysterious illnesses that people have been dying from in Chapter 40? Explain your answer using details from the story.

Essay Topic 3

What generalizations can be made about Ragged Island? Why can these generalizations be made?

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