Riptide Character Descriptions

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Malin Hatch

This character is the younger sibling of someone who dies in the Water Pit; then joins on a search team to look for treasure at the Water Pit.

Captain Gerard Neidelman

This character represents Thalassa Holding Ltd., is obsessed with Ragged Island's treasure, and will stop at nothing to obtain it.

Woody Clay

This character is a minister in Stormhaven and views the Ragged Island project as a threat to the town. This character vows to protect the town and its way of life.

Christopher St. John

This character is the historian for the Ragged Island Project and helps break the Macallan code.

Lyle Streeter

This character is the team supervisor for the Ragged Island Project; and acts out of greed.

Isobel Bonterre

This character is a diver and archaeologist, who grew up in the Caribbean.

Simon Rutter

This character was a Maine angler who harbored...

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