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Chapters 1-2

• Simon Rutter, a Maine cod angler, ends up on Ragged Island due to a bad storm with a strong riptide.

• While waiting for the storm to pass, Rutter decides to explore the deserted island.

• Rutter returns to Ragged Island, six miles off the coast of Maine, to dig at a mysterious spot where there is a depression.

• Rutter moves a rock and the area floods with seawater, killing Rutter.
• The area Rutter flooded was named the Water Pit by the residents of Stormhaven.

• Alfred Hatch Sr., the owner of Ragged Island, has two sons, Malin and Johnny, who are playing outside in their yard, where they can see Ragged Island.

• Malin and Johnny decide to take a boat across to Ragged Island, even though their father forbade them from going there.

• While discovering a cave on the island, the two boys come to a door; Johnny...

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