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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has Nessus discovered the woman is?
(a) A former queen of Ringworld.
(b) A native who was stuck in the prison.
(c) An explorer from a distant planet.
(d) A crewmember from one of the Engineer ships.

2. What makes Louis think that Teela must be dead?
(a) He sees her cycle among the cars.
(b) He has not heard from her in hours.
(c) He has a gut feeling.
(d) He thinks she is too foolish to survive.

3. How is Speaker's state at the start of Chapter 20?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He is happy.
(c) He is scared.
(d) He is unconscious.

4. What does Louis think about the Ringworld natives forgetting their past and that they live on a ring?
(a) It is upsetting.
(b) It is funny.
(c) That they are stupid.
(d) That they need help.

5. What does Louis do when Nessus does not want to go rescue Teela?
(a) Cries.
(b) Makes Nessus feel guilty until agrees to go.
(c) Tells him he does not have to come.
(d) Threatens to kill him.

6. Why is the crew heading back toward the castle in Chapter 22?
(a) To gather square wire.
(b) To see if Teela is there.
(c) It is their home base.
(d) They need the maps.

7. What is the burst of burning light that hits and wounds Speaker?
(a) A beam from the sun.
(b) A slaver sunflower.
(c) A weapon from the natives below.
(d) A ray from a ship above.

8. Although she is ancient, how has Prill survived all this time on Ringworld?
(a) Engineers can live forever.
(b) By eating a special fruit of Ringworld.
(c) By taking a drug to keep her young.
(d) By going into stasis.

9. Who does the crew leave in the floating castle?
(a) Teela.
(b) Prill.
(c) Nessus.
(d) Speaker.

10. What role does Louis seem to play in the group thus far in the story?
(a) Mediator.
(b) Leader.
(c) Scientist.
(d) Doctor.

11. What are the people who built the city and flying castle called?
(a) The Engineers.
(b) The First.
(c) The Creators.
(d) The Ones.

12. What happens when Speaker attempts to cut the wire?
(a) It cannot be cut.
(b) The wires attack him.
(c) The natives attack.
(d) He cuts himself.

13. What does Speaker tell Louis he needs in Chapter 20?
(a) Fresh meat.
(b) Water.
(c) His medicine.
(d) Whiskey.

14. What had caused the collapse of the Ringworld society?
(a) Meteor storms.
(b) Mold.
(c) Famine.
(d) War.

15. Why does Louis think the ship crashed on Ringworld if Teela is supernaturally lucky?
(a) She is only lucky when she is awake.
(b) She needed to be on Ringworld.
(c) Her luck only works on Earth.
(d) Her luck was affected by the stasis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What else do Speaker and Louis see trapped in the force field?

2. What draws the party to the floating castle?

3. What does Louis what Speaker to pretend to be to trick the natives?

4. What does Louis find at the top of Fist-of-God?

5. What is the only thing that can save the crew from these burning lights?

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