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1. What does Louis Wu do on this birthday and why?

In Chapter 1, Louis spends the whole day of his birthday having a party. Just before midnight on his birthday, he starts hopping from city to city in different time zones throughout the world in order to make his birthday last longer.

2. Describe the alien that Louis meets in Chapter 1.

In Chapter 1, Louis meets an alien named Nessus. Nessus is a puppeteer and has two heads. In general, puppeteers like Nessus are known for their cowardice and vast empire.

3. What mission does Nessus propose to Louis?

When Nessus meets Louis, he explains that he has a mission that he would like Louis's help with. Nessus does not explain much of the mission at this time but does tell Louis that the puppeteers have a ship that can travel thousands of light years in just over a minute and the ship will be Louis's payment if he comes on this mission.

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